What to Talk About with the Monkees

Here’s the secret key to success!

Have you ever imagined yourself alone with the Monkees? If you have, you probably get all bubbly inside just thinking about it. And what are you going to do if it happens? Will you make a fool of yourself or can you think of things to talk to them about?

Generally speaking each Monkee is pretty easy to talk to, but you have to know something about subjects that interest them in order to really have a groovy time.

Davy Jones

Davy is the Monkee who is most interested in other people. He likes to know what they’re thinking, feeling, and planning for the future. He’s interested in their problems, and helping to solve these problems. He cares for other people greatly and this shows up in his conversation.

When you first meet Davy he’ll immediately change the conversation away from himself and direct it toward you. He’ll ask you questions about yourself and eventually you’ll forget all about him being a Monkee.

Since Davy’s very close to his family he’ll want to know all about yours. What are your sisters and brothers like? What are your greatest times like with your family? Do you have any special problems with your parents? All these things probably will come up within the first few minutes that you talk.

Davy has a way of drawing things out of you that you never knew existed before. But you can’t spend the entire time just talking about yourself. You want to know what’s going on inside of Davy, too.

Talk to him about England. Why does he like the United States so much? Does he feel people are different in England? Naturally, he’s been asked these questions a thousand times before, but Davy never gets tired of discussing his real home or his family. Just try him and see.

Interior decorating is very close to Davy’s heart. He enjoys searching for furniture and carpets, paintings, and other objects of art. You might ask him to describe his favorite room and why he chose the furnishings he did.

If you’re a good cook your problems of conversation are definitely over. Davy adores to cook and the two of you can discuss all the outasite things you enjoy preparing.

Peter Tork

Peter is warm, friendly, outgoing, and sincere. He’ll be happy to discuss religion, politics, music, and philosophy for hour upon hour. He’s also a bug on current events and keeps up with everything happening around the world. To make a hit with Peter, it’s a good thing to know what’s happening all over.

One thing you must be careful of when talking to Peter is not to place him in any particular category as a person. He’s definitely not a hippie or for that matter a conventional person. He’s very much himself with well-thought-out-ideas of his own. He’ll be much more likely to respect you if you are much the same. Let him hear some of your ideas on things whether they agree with his opinions or not. He’ll respect you for this and also have a great deal to say about your ideas.

Tell Peter all about the book you just finished or the one you’re currently reading. Chances are that he’s read it. If he hasn’t he’ll like hearing your comments on it. Peter prefers reading non-fiction rather than fiction.

Of course groups are always fun to talk about. Peter keeps up on all of them and their latest music and naturally you do, too, so you’ll have a common meeting ground there to groove on.

Mike Nesmith

Music is the main interest in Mike’s life so if it’s important to you then right away the two of you will have something to discuss. Remember that Mike had started composing way back in high school so you might talk to him about the boys at your school and the kinds of music they play.

Mike doesn’t feel that the fans care as much about him as they do the other Monkees. He’s always thinking that everyone wants to know about Davy, so it’s fun for Mike to meet and discuss things with a fan. Talk to Mike about Phyllis and his sons. He’s a very proud father so getting him to discuss his children is quite simple.

Cars are a favorite part of Mike’s life so if you know anything about the special groovy kind that Mike likes you’ll have something in common. Recently he just went into a car business with Dean Jeffries who built the Monkeemobile and did the cars for the new Monkee movie.

Mike is a kidder so don’t take him too seriously if he puts you on just a bit. Once you get to know him, Mike can be one of the warmest people you’d ever want to meet.

Micky Dolenz

Micky’s a doer, not a talker. But he’s lots of fun to be with, so when you get the chance try talking to Mick about movies. He loves them. And he loves to talk about them. It’s not only the story and stars he likes, but he also digs camera angles and technical points about the film. Even if you’re not interested in these things it’s fun to hear Mick talk about them.

Along with this you know that Micky’s an ardent camera bug. He takes pictures of everything and everyone. You probably love photography too so right here you have a real interest in common. Show Micky some of the pictures you take even if you don’t think they’re the very greatest.

Micky has little sisters. He feels very close to them. Try asking him about them and tell him about your brothers and sisters. Then there are pets. Micky’s dog YOU is one of his favorite people and he enjoys all types of animals.

If you’re a particularly active person like Micky, he’ll want to know what type of activities you enjoy. Any of your hobbies would probably interest him.

Above all when meeting the Monkees, don’t try to be anything you’re not. Just be yourself; talk about the things that interest you, and for certain you’ll be a big hit with the Monkees.

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Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 14
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 40–41