The Monkees Are—The Monkees Aren’t

Mike Nesmith
  1. A car nut
  2. A serious musician
  3. Interested in his children
  4. Quiet and standoffish
  5. Polite to strangers
  6. Jokingly sarcastic with friends
  7. Slow speaking
  8. Moody
  9. A good businessman
  10. In love with Phyllis
  1. An extrovert
  2. A romantic type
  3. Afraid of live audiences
  4. Quick to get angry
  5. Worried about what he eats
  6. A hypochondriac
  7. An avid reader
  8. A collector of anything and everything
  9. Lazy
  10. Inconsistent
Davy Jones
  1. Interested in everyone and everything
  2. Devoted to friends
  3. Fond of athletics
  4. Determined to succeed in every phase of show business
  5. Punctual
  6. Generous
  7. Sensitive
  8. Planning to put a line of exclusive clothes on the market
  9. Expert at karate
  10. Planning to have a large family someday
  1. In love at the present time
  2. Leaving the Monkees
  3. Planning to direct a Monkee show
  4. A late sleeper
  5. Ever jealous
  6. Fond of shopping trips
  7. A loner
  8. Quick to anger
  9. Going to be drafted
  10. Forgetful
Micky Dolenz
  1. Constantly moving
  2. Certain he’ll be a great director
  3. Always trying to gain weight
  4. Often forgetful of appointments
  5. Never in a bad mood
  6. Busy with a hobby at all times
  7. Able to fall asleep anywhere
  8. Careful with his money
  9. A gifted gag writer
  10. Impressed by Davy’s cooking
  1. A gambler
  2. Crazy about dancing
  3. Shy
  4. Easily influenced
  5. Married to anyone
  6. At his best during the day
  7. Afraid of anything
  8. Fond of talking on the phone
  9. Going to change his hair style back to flat
  10. Worried about what people think of him
Peter Tork
  1. Calm about life
  2. Changing the type of girl he dates
  3. Careful about his weight
  4. More interested in music than acting
  5. An expert on most religions
  6. Getting more freckles each year
  7. Always gracious to fans
  8. Hoping to take a two-year vacation and relax
  9. Conscientious
  10. Gifted with a great sense of humor
  1. Able to get a good sun tan
  2. Critical of other musical groups
  3. Tired of being a Monkee
  4. Interested in getting married again
  5. A materialist
  6. A heavy eater
  7. Lonely whether he’s by himself or with people
  8. Satisfied unless he’s learning something new all the time
  9. A believer in war
  10. Bothered by hard work

[Scans by This Lovin’ Time]

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 14
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 66–67