Monkee Talk

Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork

A Tiger Beat Monthly Column

The Monkees write to YOU… by Davy, Peter, Mike and Micky

Well, you’ve all read the stories about my private life and what goes on with me after the Monkee set shuts down each night. About one tenth of the things you read are true so I’d like to fill you in on that one tenth this month.

There are always many people at my house because I’m a bachelor and I don’t especially like living alone. Karen and Bob, two married friends of mine, have been staying with me for several months now. They have a little boy named Justin. I think you’ve probably seen pictures of him with Karen and me.

Also there are lots of girls who come and visit me. We’re all friends and they do lots of groovy things for me like straighten up my house and see that my cleaning gets picked up. It’s also a groove to have people around when I come home at night.

The main reason I don’t go out much is that it always seems to foul up things for everyone else. It’s not that I’m such a big star or anything like that, but when I do go out to see a show or to a restaurant, someone usually spots me and then everyone begins to start coming over for autographs and to talk and take pictures.

For instance, the other night I went out to see a new group here in Hollywood and when I came in the club everyone started to whisper and look and paid no attention to the act performing. This was really tough on the new group, so you can sort of see what I mean.

At home nothing unusual happens. I’m pretty tired after a full day’s shooting so when I get home a group of friends and I just listen to music and have discussions on some of the things that have been hitting us during the day. For an outsider visiting for the first time, everything would probably seem pretty dull, but it gives me the chance to relax and this is something we all need to do once in awhile.

I don’t like to cook very much so it’s good I have lots of friends around who do. Mostly the things we eat are quickie dishes like Chinese food, pizza, or health food concoctions. On Mondays we all get together and watch our favorite TV show, which I bet you can guess the name of. Then we sit around and argue about how we could have improved on it. You’d be surprised, there are always ways we come up with that really could change the whole show.

There’s no special time when I go to bed. It’s just whenever I get tired, but mostly it’s fairly early so that I can be on the set the next morning at 7 a.m.

If there were any way to do it, I’d like to have each and every one of you up to my place for an evening, but this is pretty impossible, but I’ll be thinking about you all.

Peter Tork

Davy Jones

Yesterday I got a letter from a fan that really surprised me. She said that she used to always like me until she found out I only went with people who had big names and chose as my male friends actors and such.

This hurt my feelings because it’s the furthest thing from the truth. So this month I thought I’d borrow a bit from Sally’s column and talk about friendship.

In the first place I assume this girl was referring to my dates with Sally Field and Deana Martin, both of whom are my friends. Yes, it’s true that these girls are both “names” and in show business, but this isn’t the reason I date them. They’re just groovy people and we have a lot in common.

As for me liking actors, this is correct. Just a few months ago I dug Kurt Russell’s performance in some TV shows so I asked Annie Moses to introduce us. In a way, you could call me a fan. When we go on tour and a great group is playing in the same city where we’re doing a concert, it’s natural for me to get together with them. We’re all in the show business world and it’s a gas to get together and talk things over.

My intimate group of friends includes mostly people out of show business. You’ve seen photos of most of my friends like David Pearl, Steve Pitts, Neko, and Charlie Rockett. These mates are not “big names” but you’d have to look a long way to find people as important to me.

Back home in England I always visit with my old friends from school days and the fellows I met when I was an apprentice jockey.

Friendship is very important to me so hope this doesn’t sound like I’m defending my choice of friends. All I’m trying to say is that I judge a person on what he or she is like and not on what they’ve done in the world.

Since I’m an actor, most of my friends have similar ambitions in the entertainment field, but many of them are not stars. But just between you and me, I do get very excited when I meet someone for the first time who I’ve seen on the screen and admired. But I think most of you would get the same groovy feeling I do.

Anyway, I hope you get the chance to meet the famous people you dig. It’s a thrill. But there’s still nothing to take the place of a true friend and friendship can’t be built on a casual meeting.

Be happy.
David Jones

Micky Dolenz

Have you ever said something and had people take it the wrong way? Well, this has been happening to me a lot lately. And even a lot of people are beginning to misunderstand a lot of the things I do. My mail is starting to show me that this is very true.

This column gives me a chance to say things in my own way so here goes. In the first place, even though it’s been said many times before, I’d like to clear one thing up about my hair. It really is naturally curly, honest. If you don’t believe me, ask my mother. The true reason that it isn’t straight this year is because I hate to have it straightened and wearing it this way gives me more time to relax. I’m not trying to copy James Brown or anyone else. Hope everyone understands.

No, I’m not a hippie. I don’t even know what this word actually means. Everyone I know has his own bag and I don’t think groups should be labeled under any name. People do their thing the best way they can. I build things with my hands, but I’m not really an architect, or nuclear scientist or anything specific like that. I’m just me, Micky Dolenz.

About girls. Once I gave out an interview where I said I dug all kinds of girls. The story came out that I was really girl crazy and so now everyone believes this. Sure, I do like girls, but I’m no more girl crazy than the next guy. I enjoy their company especially Sam’s. But we’re not married and we’re not engaged even though you may have read we are.

Careerwise I’m not giving up acting and singing to become a director. When I directed a Monkee show a few months ago, someone decided that this was my true desire and said that I was all through acting. Forget this, I like being a Monkee too much.

These examples might show you a little of what I mean about being misunderstood. You’ve all had it happen to you before so I think you might understand what I’m talking about.

From time to time in this column I’m going to straighten out a few things that seem to be confusing people. Hope it helps you to groove with me more in the future.

Micky Dolenz

You probably think I’m going to take up most of this column telling you all about my new son Jonathan. Well, maybe I’d like to do just that. But I’m not going to because I don’t know that much about him yet. One thing I can tell you though is that he’s a very bright little baby. He’s aware of everything that goes on.

Christian thinks Jonathan is the greatest thing to come along in his life and they’ll be close enough in age so that there’ll be a great companionship between the two.

So that’s what’s happening in the Nesmith home thus far. Now, for the rest of my space I’m going to answer some of the questions you sent in to me from last month. Most of them aren’t subjects for a whole column, but maybe my answers will be interesting to you.

Question: Why don’t you smile more often?

Answer: I smile as often as I’m amused. I think it’s just that when a still photographer catches me, I’m not amused.

Question: Do you like songwriting or acting best?

Answer: Songwriting.

Question: Does Phyllis get jealous when she sees you on the show with other girls?

Answer: No, I don’t think so. Phyllis is prettier than most of the girls we have on the show.

Question: I’ve noticed that on the show you seem to be losing your Texas drawl. Are you working at this?

Answer: When a person has an accent he never is really aware of it. If I sound like Texas to you then this surprises me. But, no, I’m not trying to change my speech.

Question: What do you like best about being a Monkee?

Answer: Many things. Right now I like the freedom it gives me to write and produce music as I see it. Being a Monkee also provides a secure future for me and my family. I get the chance to try and make people happier through music.

Mike Nesmith

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Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 9
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 28–29