Micky’s Very Favorite Person


No matter where he travels, no matter how many people he knows or meets, in Micky Dolenz’ heart there is one person who is, and always will be, one of the most important people in his life.

His devotion to his Grandmother—or “Mamoo” as he’s nicknamed her—has developed from childhood when she was his babysitter and playmate, to today when she’s his confidant and friend.

When Micky was a child Mamoo devoted all of her attention to her first grandson. And the relationship became even closer when Coco was born. Now all three share a wonderful love that spans three generations. Despite the age difference Micky has always turned to his Grandmother with his problems; she’s so young at heart that she really understands what’s happening in Coco and Micky’s world. And for a boy who was world-famous at the age of 10, it’s terribly important to have someone like Mamoo to turn to… someone who loves him without any questions asked.

And now that Micky is a young man and fantastically successful, he is, in his own way, saying thank you to his grandmother who devoted so much of her time to him. He has become everything she knew he would become and he’s so successful because he’s completely happy in what he’s doing. She’s as excited about his career as he is. When he goes home to Los Gatos, where she lives close to his parent’s home, he fills her in on all the gossip and happenings behind the scenes with the Monkees.

And this person who is so important to Micky has given us some very interesting information about the fab Monkee Micky…

Micky Dolenz

“I remember when the Monkees were just at the talking stage, that is, just before the pilot was made Micky came over to my house and told me in detail all he knew about it, all the great things that were planned. I was happy to see him so enthused, remembering that most of the things Micky gets excited about are usually well worth listening to. Failure was never one of Micky’s hangups—he usually succeeded in whatever he undertook to do.

“I didn’t really understand how all this ‘monkee-business’ could come out on the screen, but I was ready to bet anyone that it would be a success.

“The first time I saw The Monkees on television I knew they were in. I realized that here was a fast moving bit of entertainment not only for the kids, the teenagers, but for the mothers and fathers who wanted good clean entertainment for their children… and for the elderly people as well. I’ve never missed a single show. And I never see one without coming away feeling in a happier mood. It is uplifting. I love their actions, their voices and the joy they bring into homes all over the world. After the first show I thought that here again Micky had successfully done a job he had undertaken to do. Micky works hard at anything he is doing and usually succeeds.

Micky Dolenz

“Of course, at first Micky’s long hair upset me no end. I suggested many times that he get a haircut, but instead it got longer and longer and if the Monkee series hadn’t happened I think I would have cut it myself. It doesn’t bother me now. He is wearing his hair shorter and of course it is curly and it looks more like it should to me. But I like long hair on rock ’n roll groups, and the Monkees all look beautiful with it. I like Micky’s hair now—it seems to go with what he’s doing.

“From the moment “The Last Train To Clarksville’—and down to and including ‘Star Collector’—came out I was completely hooked. I love their songs and their music. I think The Monkees get better with each album they put out.

“Micky’s ‘Randy Scouse Git’ and ‘Goin Down’ are outasite and The Monkees really have their own music and I dig it long and deeply.

“Of course I always look forward to the times he comes home to Los Gatos. He likes nothing better when he comes home on a visit than romping with Debbie and Gina, having long talks with his Mom and Dad, zooming up to San Francisco with Coco in her car, and eating his favorite cookies at my house.

“He spends quite a while reading fan mail and answering lots of it. He has a personal fan club here in Los Gatos and I understand his mail in any month is unbelievable.

Mamoo, Coco Dolenz

“With all Micky’s success I don’t feel it has hurt him in any way. He is still Micky. He loves to have fun; loves to please people. He loves people and he isn’t snobbish the least little bit. He is a kind, considerate and happy person.”

It’s easy to see who Micky’s number one fan is after spending a few minutes with Mamoo. Always full of life, she becomes super-charged when talking about her favorite Monkee.

And the only person who can match her in enthusiasm is Micky—when he starts talking about his Mamoo!

[Magazine provided by Michael.]

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 9
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 32–33