Congratulations to the Nesmiths

Jonathan Nesmith
Info Jonathan Darby Nesmith

Sunday, February 11, 1968 was a very historic day in Monkeeland: Jonathan Darby Nesmith made his earthly debut. Now, we have to admit that little Jonathan was a week late making his long-expected appearance, however his arrival was greeted with cheers round the world just the same!

For Mike and Phyllis, the extra week of waiting proved more than worthwhile! Jonathan arrived healthy, happy, and screaming! He weighed in at an impressive seven and one-half pounds at the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. Like every good expectant Daddy, Monkee Mike paced nervously in the waiting room until Jonathan arrived.

Although Phyllis had a nurse to help her with little Jonathan for the first few days, she is now taking care of the brand new addition to the Nesmith household herself. The only other full-time help currently employed by the Nesmith family is Alfie (Alf Weaver), who is their English houseman and driver.

At the moment, little Jonathan is sharing his first quarters with Mommy and Daddy, and is sleeping [frequently!] in their bedroom. In a short while, however, he will be moving and will have a brand new roommate. As soon as he is a little older and past the two-o’clock-in-the-morning-bottle-feeding-time stage, he will be moving in with his older brother, Christian.

The room in which Christian is currently residing features white walls and a large assortment of “baby things”—you know, toys… stuffed animals… story books… and, of course—babies! Christian has been very happy about the arrival of his new little brother, and he seems to be looking forward to having him around as a permanent roommate.

Like most babies, little Jonathan’s eyes were blue at birth—they may change later—and everyone who has seen him insists that he looks just like Mike. Of course, Mike—proud Daddy that he is—isn’t about to deny that rumor at all. He just grins widely—a lot!—whenever anyone mentions him in the conversation.

Nearly everyone who has seen little Jonathan so far insists that he is a very good baby and a close friend of the family, after speaking to Phyllis for about an hour, quoted her as having called Jonathan a “very groovy baby—he’s really a gassy baby!” And of course, all of Mike and Phyllis’ friends insist that Phyllis never looked more beautiful! Somehow, a baby will do that for a woman!

Keith Allison, a good friend of Mike’s, recently welcomed his own baby son and commenting on Jonathan Darby, he said: “He seems like a very nice baby. He looks a lot like his father. He’s a good baby—I mean, he seems nice enough! But then, what can you say about babies?”

Well, the world has been saying quite a bit about this particular baby and mostly they have been saying, “Congratulations.” We’d like to join them in extending our best wishes to Mike, Phyllis, Christian, and of course—Jonathan Darby.

[Magazine provided by Michael.]

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 9
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 56–57