The Greatest Days in History

Here are the facts you should remember if you’re really a true Monkee fan… and who isn’t!

Editor’s note: On this SPECIAL ANNUAL EDITION of TiGER BEAT’S MONKEE SPECTACULAR, we thought it a must to include most of the special historic dates you’ll want to remember forever.

Spring, 1965“Madness” auditions advertisement appeared in “Variety” and “Hollywood Reporter”.
November 11, 1965Pilot of “The Monkees” begins shooting.
November 23, 1965Pilot ends shooting.
January 17, 1966Pilot chosen by NBC.
May 15, 1966Micky gets “You”.
May 31, 1966Monkees begin to film regular series.
June 23, 1966First recording session.
August 16, 1966“Last Train to Clarksville” released.
September 1, 1966Press party in Los Angeles; held at Screen Gems; Davy wore little spectacles, Micky wore his old Hawaiian shirt.
September 11, 1966“Last Train to Clarksville” train trip to “Clarksville”, California; KHJ Promotion trip.
September 12, 1966First TV show on NBC.
October 10, 1966“The Monkees” album released.
October 14, 1966“The Monkees” album receives Gold Record for one million sales.
November 1, 1966The Monkees begin rehearsals for live stage shows.
November 22, 1966“I’m A Believer” released.
November 26, 1966“I’m A Believer” receives Gold Record.
December 3, 1966First concert; in Hawaii at Honolulu International Center Arena.
Christmas, December 25, 1966Davy at home in Manchester, England; Micky at home in Los Gatos, California; Mike and Phyllis at home in Texas; Peter at home in Canada.
December 26, 1966Concert in Denver Coliseum, Colorado.
December 27, 1966Concert in Memphis, Tennessee.
December 28, 1966Concert in Louisville.
December 29, 1966Concert in Winston-Salem.
December 30, 1966Concert in Pittsburgh at Civic Arena.
December 31, 1966Concert in Cincinnati; Monkees go to Brenda Lee’s masquerade party on New Year’s Eve.
January 1, 1967Concert at Municipal Auditorium, Nashville.
January 2, 1967Concert in Tulsa.
January 10, 1967“More of the Monkees” released.
January 15, 1967“More of the Monkees” receives Gold Record.
January 14, 1967Concert in Detroit.
January 15, 1967Concert in Cleveland.
January 21, 1967Concert in Phoenix.
January 22, 1967Concert in San Francisco at Cow Palace.
February 4, 1967Monkees on vacation; Davy, Micky and Mike in New York.
February 5, 1967Monkees on vacation; Micky in London, Davy in Nassau, Jamaica.
February 6, 1967Mike on vacation in London.
February 8, 1967Davy on vacation in London.
February 10, 1967Micky on vacation in Holland.
February 23, 1967“The Monkees” renewed for second season.
March 8, 1967“Little Bit Me, Little Bit You” released.
March 13, 1967“Little Bit Me, Little Bit You” receives Gold Record.
April 1, 1967Concert in Winnipeg, Can.
April 2, 1967Concert in Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada.
May 6, 1967Concert in Wichita, Kansas.
May 7, 1967Mike gets “Fraak”.
May 8, 1967Grammy Awards Show; Davy and Peter attended.
May 23, 1967Mike’s tonsils out at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Hollywood.
June 4, 1967Emmy Awards Show; Monkees show receives award for Best Comedy Show and Best Direction.
June 9, 1967Concert at Hollywood Bowl.
June 12, 1967“Headquarters” released.
June 18, 1967“Headquarters” receives Gold Record.
June 16–18, 1967Monterey Pop Festival; Micky and Peter attended, Peter introduced two acts.
June 23, 1967Monkees arrive in Paris to begin shooting for show.
June 28, 1967Monkees arrive in London for concerts.
June 30, 1967Concert at Wembley Pool, London.
July 5, 1967“Pleasant Valley Sunday” released.
July 7, 1967Press Conference in New York.
July 8, 1967“Pleasant Valley Sunday” receives Gold Record.
July 8, 1967Concert at Sports Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida.
July 9, 1967Concert at Convention Hall, Miami Beach, Florida.
July 10, 1967Monkees spend the day on a yacht, “resting”. (They had a party.)
July 11, 1967Concert in Charlotte, North Carolina.
July 12, 1967Concert in Greensboro, North Carolina.
July 14–16, 1967Monkees in New York for concerts.
July 20, 1967Concert in Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York.
July 21, 1967Concert in Baltimore, Maryland.
July 22, 1967Concert in Boston, Massachusetts.
July 23, 1967Concert in Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
July 27, 1967Concert in War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, New York.
July 28, 1967Concert in Cincinnati, Ohio.
July 30, 1967Concert in Chicago, Illinois; Monkees take a trip to a Wisconsin Indian Reservation.
August 4, 1967Concert in St. Paul, Minn.
August 5, 1967Concert in St. Louis, Mo.
August 6, 1967Concert in Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, Iowa.
August 9, 1967Concert in Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas.
August 10, 1967Concert in Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas.
August 11, 1967Concert in Shreveport, La.
August 12, 1967Concert in Mobile, Ala.
August 13, 1967Concert in Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan.
August 17, 1967Concert in Memphis, Tenn.
August 18, 1967Concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
August 19, 1967Concert in Denver, Colo.
August 25, 1967Concert in Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Wash.
August 26, 1967Concert in Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon.
August 27, 1967Concert in Spokane, Wash.
August 30, 1967Davy gets “Susie I”.
October 20, 1967Davy and Peter fly to New York for opening of Davy’s store, “Zilch”. Sally Field, Lynne Randell and Davy’s friends from Hollywood and New York attended.
October 25, 1967“Daydream Believer” released.
October 28, 1967“Daydream Believer” receives Gold Record.
November 1, 1967“Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd.”, released.
November 3, 1967“Pisces, Acquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd.”, receives Gold Record.
November 27, 1967Micky writes and directs segment of “The Monkees”.
December 4, 1967Peter directs a segment of “The Monkees”.
Christmas, December 25, 1967Davy in Manchester, England at home; Peter at home in Connecticut; Micky at home in Los Gatos, California; Mike and Phyllis at home in Hollywood with family.
Awards, 1967Disc Jockey Poll national: Monkees received the following awards: “I’m A Believer” was the most programmed single record of 1967; “More of the Monkees” was the most programmed album of 1967; The Monkees were the most programmed vocal group of 1967.
Foreign countries where the Monkees are seen each week: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Curiso, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, England, Finland, Germany, Holland, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Rhodesia, Singapore, Sweden, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela.
January 1–15, 1968Davy in Manchester, Switzerland; Peter in Connecticut and London; Mike in Hollywood; Micky in Hawaii and Hollywood.
January 15–31, 1968Monkees recording their fifth album at RCA studios in Hollywood.
February 11, 1968Production begins on the Monkees first full-length color movie.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 12
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 4–9