If You Like This Monkee, You Are…

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones

You know all about your favorite Monkee but have you ever wondered what liking a certain Monkee tells about you? Here is Monkee Spectacular’s official guesswork (with inside information from Mike, Davy, Peter and Micky) all about YOU:

Peter Tork

…probably small-boned, pixish with short dark hair. Or perhaps you have long dark hair. You could be almost any height but medium (5'3" to 5'6") is where you’re at.

You plan to go to college for a year or two at least, but you’re not sure you want to stay there. You think that perhaps a job as a secretary in a groovy firm or maybe a life of supporting yourself by painting or sewing would be fun, though you want a good education to fall back on.

You read almost constantly—everything you can get your hands on from teen magazines to books on economics. Political thoughts keep you occupied, as do mental examinations on subjects like religions and philosophies.

You find your strength from within yourself. If you do something, you stand behind it, despite what everyone else may say.

You admire hippies and toy with the idea of becoming one. You especially love the hip clothes and wear them whenever you can.

You are in love with love but you don’t let many people know it. Lots of people might say you are “cold, heartless,” but that is only because they don’t know you. Peace, to you, seems the ideal heaven on earth.

Micky Dolenz

…the girl everyone said would be a tall woman. You almost made it but you’re not so tall that you stand out in a crowd. You are what could be described as pert. Your hair is light—not necessarily blonde but probably a very light brown with streaks from the sun.

You have a natural look. You aren’t beautiful but you do know what you look best in and you wear it—that goes for both clothes and makeup.

You are the type of girl who spends long hours sewing your own wardrobe, knitting sweaters, painting pictures, creating your own jewelry. Then you are proud enough of your work to wear it and show it off. You are what some people call creative, others call talented.

You can be demanding. You know what you want and then you see that you get it. But you are crafty enough not to be obvious about the whole thing.

You have a free spirit which might be almost impossible to tame. You like to try new things.

You probably want to be an airline stewardess, a model, a fashion designer. You want to be busy, to be many different people. You’ll have a difficult time compromising on just one life.

Davy Jones

…a girl who is either quiet as a mouse or talkative as a parrot. But it’s the middle ground between the two that you want to share with somebody.

You aren’t necessarily a working girl but if you are, your job is your life. You don’t worry about money. You don’t keep set hours or a rigid schedule, though you can if you have to. You are the type of girl who doesn’t want to be dated three days in advance but would rather take off on five minutes notice for a drive along the beach.

You don’t wear lots of make up and your hair-do is the type that swings. Sometimes you wear your hair in two pony tails and once in awhile you emphasize a point by crossing your eyes.

You have excellent manners and you know how to be gracious. You do not believe that chivalry is dead.

You probably have dimples.

You don’t know what you plan to do with the rest of your life. You don’t picture yourself as a schoolteacher or a biologist. You enjoy living too much to be tied down to books. You are looking for a way to express yourself, some way to be successful by just being you.

You come from a close knit family. You are neat, clean and orderly, and probably look young for your age.

Mike Nesmith

…headstrong and moody, or so everyone has said. You believe, however, that a man is always the boss of your family.

You want all the education you can get because you feel that everything but what is in your brain is too uncertain. You feel that you can be rich or poor—it really doesn’t matter—because what means most to you is what is in your mind. No one can take that away.

You like to get away from it all every once in awhile. You dream of having a retreat, somewhere to visit when you want peace and quiet with lots of land to run on and a feeling of open space.

You are an individual in everything you do—from your mode of dress to your innermost thoughts.

You might be a teacher or a psychologist or possibly a social worker. You’ve probably considered becoming a doctor or nurse.

You aren’t beautiful and not cute but you have a special attractiveness with what can almost be called “an honest face.” You wear both lace and denim and feel at home in both.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 12
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 36–37