The Truth About Samantha Juste

Samantha Juste Dolenz

Are you a Micky-luver? If so, you’ve formed an opinion about Sammy, the English model. You’ve heard many rumors about her. Here for the first time anywhere is the entire truth!

I know that many girls don’t like Samantha Juste. I know because I’ve gotten so many letters telling me so. And after reading them, I found myself disliking her, too. Maybe because of Micky.

And yet, there were letters of best wishes for Samantha, too! And others wishing Micky happiness. Then I thought: “None of the people, including myself, who say they don’t like Samantha, have ever met her. Is this being fair?” So I finally decided to see for myself, firsthand, what Samantha is really like, and to let you know just what I found out.

We met at Don the Beachcomber’s, a Hollywood restaurant. All the things I’d heard her called were in the back of my mind—two-faced, conceited, phony, catty, skinny, over-dressed, and a boychaser. But when I saw her again this time, I noticed that she was very tastefully dressed, all in black, with white trim and black boots that lace up the front. Her make-up was light, but flawless, her hair was straight and shiny, she looked every bit the perfect English model. And she was smiling the most sincere, welcoming smile! “But maybe this is all a cover-up,” I thought. I was still on my guard. But whatever she was like, I was determined to find out!

Now, one thing I’ve learned from being a FaVE reporter is that you can tell what a person is really like by what she says about herself and how she talks about boys. Mean people naturally say mean things. So I made up my mind to listen carefully to what she said and to read between the lines.

We settled at the table, ordered our food, and began talking. First she told me about her life in England, starting at the beginning.

“I was born in May, 1945, in a little place just outside Manchester called Middleton. I went to school in a convent. When I was younger, I wanted to be a ballet dancer, so I studied dancing from the age of four until I was fifteen.

“When I was young, I always had a dog. I had a Sealyham, which is a little white dog like the queen has. And we had a white Scottie and two Yorkshire Terriers. I had a Siamese cat, too. I was glad I had all these pets because I never played with any children. There never seemed to be any living nearby. I was always in my own little world. Besides that, I was an only child. I never really minded too much though. I loved making things, doll’s clothes usually. And my mother and grandmother taught me to knit and crochet. I also had my ballet lessons and I liked drawing and painting. But I did get lonely.

“After I gave up the ambition to be a ballerina when I was seventeen, I went to art school for a year beacuse [sic] I wanted to be a commercial artist or a dress designer. I’d never thought about modeling. I never really thought I could be a model, but I wanted to start doing something, earning my own living.”

As Samantha was talking, so warm, so easy to be with, I just couldn’t help starting to like her a little. But I hadn’t heard her ideas yet on dating and boys. After all, everyone says she has captured the heart of a very special guy, Monkee Micky. That must mean she has some unique ideas on the subject. “Maybe she even has some special secrets that helped her get him,” I thought. To my surprise, she seemed quite willing to answer all my questions.

Samantha Juste Dolenz

“I met Micky, my first real boyfriend, when he came over to do a television show that I was also on, in England. We met through a person that was handling our arrangements there. Of course, I liked Micky a lot right away—who wouldn’t? But I didn’t start chasing him or figuring out how I was going to get him. I know that with Micky that would be definitely the worst thing in the world! Where I think a lot of girls go wrong is in trying to “get” someone. It doesn’t usually work.

“A girl can always tell if a boy likes her by the way he treats her—if he shows her respect and has good manners when he’s with her. For instance, you can tell if he’s really interested if he still asks you out again even if you don’t kiss him good-night on the first date. If he really likes you for yourself and if you wait on the first date, then he’s bound to take you out again.

“Once a girl has a boy’s interest and she starts going out with him, she can always do little things to keep up that interest, like finding out his favorite perfume and wearing it or complimenting him on the way he likes to wear his hair. But it’s most important to be an individual always. That’s why he liked you in the first place, because you were different. It’s much better to stay yourself. I’ve proven this to myself in my personal life.

“And she shouldn’t look at it as having caught him. As soon as a boy feels caught, then he runs the other way. I think it’s very important to make a boy feel free to do what he wants, no matter how many fans he has. That’s why I never let Micky know how it breaks my heart when he goes out with those other girls. That’s why it’s so funny when other magazines say that we’re married or going steady.”

The more Samantha talked, the more I realized what unselfish ideas she has about so many things. What’s more, she is so open and willing to share her thoughts. She seems anything but catty and she believes in such an honest, straight-forward approach to the truth about herself! No one who meets her and talks to her for awhile can ever accuse her of being a scheming boychaser or any of the other things.

Samantha certainly seemed to be as nice as a person could be. And, knowing how wonderful Micky is, I realized that he certainly wouldn’t choose a girl unless he knew she was pretty wonderful too! It all seemed to add up to two very nice people!

When I left Samantha at the Screen Gems gate, with girl fans crowding around her, I knew she was meeting Micky. I couldn’t help feeling a little twinge of jealousy, in a fan way. But I also found myself returning her genuinely, sincere smile and really meaning it when I said I’d enjoyed talking with her.

As I walked away, I found myself wondering: “Should I turn in this story now that I was convinced that I had to change my feelings about Samantha Juste?” After all, if I put this story in FaVE, thousands of girls might not like me because of what I had written about Samantha.

But I know that, as I turn this story in, I have made the right choice. The truth must be known. Samantha deserves this. And so do all of FaVE’s readers who want to know the truth. And I learned a valuable lesson—that you must meet a person before you form any opinions. All the ideas I had about her before I met her were completely erased as I got to know her—as I found out the truth about Samantha Juste.

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Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 21–22