Last Minute Flashes by Geegee

The last song the MONKEES sang (in a foreign language) on their Christmas show is an old Spanish Christmas carol . . . MICKY spent part of his Christmas holidays in India . . . DAVY JONES and SALLY FIELD are NOT MARRIED—an untruth printed in a rag mag recently . . . MAMAS & PAPAS are back together and recording again. Their first single is the title tune of SIDNEY POITIER’s new film The Love Of Ivy. The song was written by PAPA JOHN, and DENNY and CASS rotate singing lead . . . Rumor: The Byrds are now a trio consisting of JIM (ROGER) MCGUINN, MICHAEL CLARKE and CHRIS HILLMAN.

PAUL JONALI, handsome young movie photographer (he’s wed to publicist CONNIE DE NAVE), is now specializing in making two-to-ten-minute films on record artists either doing skits to their new singles or actually singing the records. These “presentation” films are incredibly original and fascinating. PAUL’s offices are at 45 E. 28th St., New York City. Hope we will soon be seeing some of his films on Happening ’68 . . . Handsome MITCH RYDER unblinkingly admitted that—yes, he is married, and has been for several years! Say “hi” to his family—his wife SUE, daughter DAWN MICHELE and puppydog and pussycat “Jenny” and “Puff” . . . The ROONEY BROTHERS (MICKEY Jr., TEDDY and TIMMY) have just begun a rock ’n’ roll tour of the midwest. Their newest Columbia single is called Blue-Streak Flyer, which they wrote themselves . . . LENNY DAVIDSON and his wife welcomed their second son, SCOTT. One more, LENNY, and you’ll have a swingin’ trio! . . . Speakin’ of the DC5, bachelor MIKE SMITH’s mum baked him a birthday cake in the shape of a grand piano to celebrate his 24th birthday on December 6 . . . BEE GEES were voted the world’s Top New Group in the New Musical Express poll recently. Their brand new Atlantic LP is called Horizontal . . . GEORGE HARRISON has been signed by Alan Clore Films to compose and arrange the musical score of the new movie Wonderwall . . . STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK composed the theme for DICK CLARK’s movie Psych-Out. They will also appear as guest stars in the film . . . MORTIMER, another great new group, are three 18-year-old bachelors from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. They have just completed their first LP for Philips Records. Oddly enough, it’s called Mortimer . . . When you see the BEATLES’ Magical Mystery Tour, you’ll get your first glimpse of England’s crazy new rage, the BONZO DOG DO DAH BAND—pictured here (if you can find them, that is).

Take a look at the new McCOYS. The boys have signed with Mercury Records now and their first single is about to be released. Recognize them? . . . BEACH BOYS posed prettily for London photographers after receiving an English silver disc for their LP Best Of The Beach Boys . . . The UNION GAP, of Woman Woman fame, are all California guys. You can write to them at Personality Productions, 1055 No. El Centro Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90038.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 58