More Monkee Business?

Those Monkees do get around; last time (January MOTION PICTURE) it was Davy Jones in New York on a runaway weekend with Sally Field. Then it was Peter Tork in London with… Well, an airplane passenger list had the blonde girl as Mary Harvey, the baby as Justin. Was Justin the son of the 25-year-old millionaire Monkee? “Insofar as the baby is anyone’s, it is mine,” said Peter. Was “Miss Harvey” Mrs. Tork? Said she: “I don’t believe in marriage, but it is as close as anything can be.” Peter added, “Marriage has many definitions.” When asked if “Miss Harvey” and Justin were relatives, Peter smiled, “All God’s children are my relatives.” While in London he did admit he had once been wed but was divorced. However, a spokesman from Peter’s hotel told newsmen: “Mr. Tork took a suite here with his wife and baby. The lady was certainly registered here as his wife—we know nothing of a ‘Miss Harvey.’” The girl, the baby and the Monkee all boarded the Los Angeles-bound plane. The question is: Who’s been taken for a ride?

Magazine: Motion Picture
Page: 8