Facts About Micky You Never Knew

Micky Dolenz
  1. Micky smiles 75% of the day.

  2. Corn is his favorite vegetable. He likes it so much he buys it by the case!

  3. On a weekend jaunt to Mexico with friends, Micky bought a horse statue and several groovy ashtrays.

  4. He has a wild lamp in his living room that stands four feet tall that was made by his friend Tad. The only problem is it gives out such a small light, no one ever knows when it’s turned on.

  5. Micky can never decide what to wear in the morning.

Micky Dolenz
  1. He loves baked apples.

  2. Micky plays the music from the opera “Carmen” during dinner.

  3. At Thanksgiving, Micky and Coco still fight over who will get the Turkey leg!

  4. Micky is a very good marksman. But he only shoots targets like rocks and cans. He doesn’t believe in killing.

  5. He digs incense and candles.

  6. Micky’s favorite off-hours outfit is his navy blue Monkee shirt and cut off levis.

  7. He has two groovy blue couches in his living room.

  8. He’s now busy doing welding sculpturing.

  9. On Micky’s third Christmas he pulled down the Christmas tree.

  10. His philosophy of brother–sister relationships: “They should always be best friends.”

  11. Micky digs jumping from his living room balcony onto the groovy colored pillows on the floor!

Micky Dolenz
  1. He is planning to have a big London bus shipped over from England to paint up and drive around Hollywood.

  2. Micky made his weekend visit to Mexico to take movies of the Mexican Grand Prix.

  3. He built a wooden bridge over a stream that runs through his yard and put colored lights among all the bushes and vines.

  4. The pillows in his living-room are the kind Indians use for meditation.

  5. To escape bombarding London fans, Micky once had to crash his foot through a locked glass door in the hotel.

  6. Micky’s groovy house knick-knacks include an old World War II helmet and a gas mask.

Micky Dolenz
  1. He may have difficulty getting his gyrocopter out of the garage and may have to take one wall out to move it!

  2. Micky has a habit of biting his lip.

  3. One of the most outasite gifts that Micky would like to receive would be an electronic computer!

  4. He has a gold trophy for a car that he once took apart and couldn’t put back together.

  5. Micky’s nickname around his house is “Fuzzy the Wuzzy.”

  6. He has a little motto in his kitchen: “Let gratitude always be your attitude.”

  7. Micky bought a go-kart that he wants to race as soon as he can find the right dirt patch.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 11
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 32–33