My College Days with Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz

It’s really difficult to just sit down and write a story about some of the funny incidents that have happened to a friend. Especially if that friend is Micky Dolenz.

To sit and list all the humorous experiences that occurred while he and I went to college would take many sheets of paper and hours. And, quite frankly, I couldn’t really remember all of them.

While we were attending Valley College, in Van Nuys, California, Micky took an all girls class in typing one semester. Not because he wanted to learn how to type; but, because it afforded him the chance to meet some of the more attractive co-eds on campus. He was constantly planning more ways to meet more girls. If you ever had to find Micky in a hurry you just had to find the place on campus where the largest number of girls congregated and you were sure to find him.

Next to girls, his obsession for cars came second. He has always loved fast cars. And, if he did not have one of his own he had easy access to those of friends. Like most boys he received his share of speeding tickets. But, unlike most boys, he had a sure way of satisfying his urge for speed. He would take whatever car he was driving at the time and drive to a park or an empty football field and proceed to drive the car on the grass at breakneck speeds, sliding and spinning on the damp grass. Others caught on and before long special patrols of police were assigned to be on the lookout for cars going through race car maneuvers on city and state property. He’s not as reckless as he was, being content to drive within the speed limit. “But someday”, he swears to me, “I’ll build a formula V race car and drive it in competition.”

Micky Dolenz
Info Micky’s been nicknamed “Fuzzy” by Mike, Peter and Davy—and no wonder! But when Micky was attending college with Ric, his hair wasn’t quite as wild!

He was always getting in trouble with his teachers and counselors for either being late to class or not showing up for class.

I was working in the Student Lounge at Valley College and he soon discovered it was more fun to sit and play dominoes or scrabble with me than history or mathematics with a teacher who was hard to understand.

He once had to report to the department coordinator at Los Angeles Trade Technical College (we were studying architectural design) because he cut classes one day. It almost cost him his suspension. It seems he had to go on an interview for some crazy television series, called the “Monkees.”

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