Monkee Micky—this month’s super color pinup as chosen by your votes!

Micky, whether lolling in the hay or taking pictures of his friends cutting up, Micky is the eccentric Monkee. First a gyro-copter in his living room and a crazy Volkswagen van—what next will he come up with? But you should see the pictures he gets—the results are fantastic.

Micky is a laugh, too, both on stage and off, but he has his quite quiet moments, when he has to be alone. That’s when he creates or just listens to music.

Micky’s going to be 23 next month—I wonder what he’ll be getting from his family and friends? I mean, what can you get a Monkee who has everything? (A barrel for his friends? Sorry…)

Oh well; who will be super color pinup next month? Only your votes will tell, so get them in to us, pronto!

Magazine: Teen Screen
Editor: Terri Minksy
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Publisher: Continental Communications, Inc.
Pages: 33, 36