That is my privilege!

Dear Editor:

The cat who wrote in to your magazine about the restrictions at his high school in New York makes his school sound an awful lot like the school I attend.

Now, I don’t mind a cat wearing what he likes, but when he tries to make ME wear the same stuff, it’s downright unconstitutional. I might go to school sometimes wearing wide-wale cords, suede demi-boots, and a Tom Jones shirt. Man, you should hear the razzing I get from all the “popular” boys.

The part that tees me off is this: I have been told all my life that America is the “land of the free.” The school I go to is pretty liberal, but it’s the people that make it so groady! For years, I was taught that in America a man may do as he so desires as long as he does not infringe upon the rights of his fellow Americans. I mean if I want to grow my hair down to my ankles and walk around in a potato sack, then THAT IS MY PRIVILEGE!

Listen, all you conservatives, squares, and straights. Any law or ruling that does not allow a person who isn’t hurting anyone by his actions to do as he so desires, is ignorant, unconstitutional, asinine, and contrary to all the teachings of our great leaders!

Regard this as a cry from the wilderness for some help. I would appreciate it very much if you would be so kind as to print this in your great mag, and ask all the readers out there if they have any ideas as to what they can do. I am not going to include my name being as how the local bad guys would do their best to kill me for exposing their “wonderful” school.

Thank you,

Mr. X
Midwest City, Okla.

Dear Mr. X

We agree very strongly with your opinions and admire your courage in sticking to your beliefs despite strong opposition. Unfortunately, many people (like the ones you’ve encountered at school) mumble about the wonders of democracy while their actions are exactly contrary to the principles of democracy. HULLABALOO welcomes strong points of view from its readers. If you have a gripe about anything at all, write to us. Perhaps we can start a HULLABALOO Readers’ Sound Off.


I hate it, it stinks

Dear Editor:

I’ve never read a magazine like yours before. Don’t thank me, it’s not a compliment. I HATE IT, IT STINKS. I think your mag is made of trash. And you have the nerve to charge 35 cents for it. It’s not that I’m cheap. I’ll pay $1.50 for a good mag, but this is ridiculous. I’d rather read “Batman” comics than your magazine and I hate Batman. I think he stinks just like your mag. I wouldn’t read your mag if you were giving it away.

Torrance, Calif.

P.S. I double-dare you to print this.

Hippie hater

Dear Editor:

What’s with you? Have you gone “hippie” or something? Every time I pick up your creepy magazine, I read hippies, hippie groups, and nuts who actually praise and worship those dirty, good-for-nothing parasites! One nut says that society rejects them. Why? Because those dope addicts have nothing to offer society. They take dope to escape reality instead of facing up to it, like the rest of us. They’re no use to anyone because they’re too damn lazy to work or make something out of themselves!

The real citizens of America work hard to improve our great country! Instead of being dirt under our feet, why don’t the hippies help improve America instead of ruining our reputation!

Why don’t you ask yourselves: What good are the hippies, except for being dope addict bums on the streets of Haight-Ashbury and many other places? Why do you like them? Would you like to become one? You are brainwashed by their stupid ways.

THE HIPPIES MADE AND ARE A BIG MISTAKE! They can be helped if only they will cooperate with the people who are willing to help.

A non-hippie,

Cher Perantoni
Royal Oak, Mich.

I flipped

Dear Editor:

Recently, I bought my first copy of HULLABALOO (it certainly won’t be my last!). Needless to say, I was pleased. The articles on the Beatles were fantastic. Please keep up the good work there.

When I read that you had recently published a magazine with a three-page spread on the Who, I flipped (literally)! I am crazy about the Who and would do anything to get my hands on an article on them. (They’re hard to come by.)

Thank you very much,

Adene Siska
Chicago, Il.

Dear Adene:

Your search is over. We dig the Who as much as you do (almost). There will be many articles about the Who in the pages of this magazine.



Editor (you’re no Dear):

I wasn’t going to write until I read what Janice Staek from Wisconsin wrote, defending her fave group. Well, that’s just what I’m doing. I’m 16 and I bought your d - - - book because I saw some pictures of Davy Jones, I have over 400 pics of Davy. When I got home, I found out I already had those pics. Your retarded book is nothing but a bunch of bull - - - -. Why don’t you turn in your typewriters? Man, you’re out. My fave group is the Monkees; I started to defend them and I’ll defend the other groups as well. You just print bull on each group, hoping we’ll take it in. Well, nice try. I’m daring you to print this letter. If the readers of this s - - - - - book want to read the truth, they better read other books, not this one. I just bet none of your crew have even come within 100 miles of any group. Take the truth, why don’t you, and don’t hide under your see-through lies. Get with it, man, you’re washed up! Get the h - - - out of this kind of business you don’t know anything about. You made the Monkees look like something they’re not and never will be. I can imagine the other lies you print on other top groups. I now double-dare you to put this letter in your crummy mag. Many people here feel the same way. I am not alone in what I say.

Sue W.
Hamilton, Ont.

You know where it’s at

Dear Editor:

Several years ago, I became what is popularly known as a teenager. While trying to conform to standards of my coevals, I bought some “star” magazines so I could “keep up.” The only word to describe them is “junk” and I never bought them again.

Then, just recently, while looking for the latest “Time,” I saw your publication next to it. I remembered reading about Hullabaloo Teen Clubs, and I wondered if you were connected and what the magazine was like.

Now, I know. Quality is the word. I just wish I had discovered you before. You tell it like it is, straight and intelligently. And you know where it’s at. You’re wonderful. Thank you.


Susan Schneider
No address given

A delicious puzzle

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank you for printing Paul Nelson’s “Records” article. And I would like to offer my sincere thanks on his interpretation of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” He put my exact feelings about the album into the words I couldn’t find. Thank you, Mr. Nelson.

Sincerely, Nancy Chapman
El Centro, Calif.

P.S. “…listening to it is like solving a delicious puzzle…”

Magazine: Hullabaloo
Editor: Bruce A. Gedman
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Publisher: YAM Publications, Inc.
Pages: 8, 10, 12, 18