Peter’s Pleasure & Pain

There seems to be a hint of a smile creeping onto Peter’s otherwise serious and so-thoughtful face!

Peter’s happy… or Peter’s sad! Find out the whys!!!

He’s glad, he’s sad. He’s up, he’s down. Just like everybody else, Peter Tork has his pleasures and pains, his goods and his bads. What are yours? Well, these are his…

… Giving presents and receiving presents in return! There’s nothing like making other people happy, of course, but there’s also a special thrill you get when you receive a gift yourself. And it’s a thrill that just knocks Peter out!

… Listening to a great soul sound done by one of his favorites, Ray Charles, when the lights are low and he’s alone late at night!

… Making people laugh!

… Being able to walk through New York’s Greenwich Village, stop in some of his favorite clubs and spend time with his old friends!

… Getting the opportunity to play all kinds of instruments and fool around with all kinds of musical equipment! To Peter, the greatest joy comes when a new sound amplifier or electronic gadget arrives on the Monkee set—so he can be the first to try it out!

… Learning about acting from real professionals!

… Seeing bright colors all around him, like vivid oranges and brilliant reds and yellows! They make him feel peppy and alive!

… Meeting people with a real sense of humor!

… Feeling happy!

… Having to read and study just because it’s necessary—not because he enjoys it or likes the subject matter!

… Formal occasions that require stiff, uncomfortable, dressed-up clothing—and stiff, uncomfortable, dressed-up manners to go with them!

… Monotony!

… Being asked stupid questions and not being able to think of the stupid answers they deserve!

… Starving!

… Feeling that he’s not learning anything anything new or having the chance to improve himself either musically or otherwise!

… Seeing car accidents—or even hearing about them!

… People and things that are pretty “blah” with no life or excitement to them! Peter loves to keep moving and doing!

… Meeting people who are satisfied with things just the way they are and who never think of trying to change things for the better!

… War and destruction! Peter’s all for love and happiness!

Magazine: Teen Pin-ups
Page: 23