Cool Scoops from Starsville

Tune in to your own private gossip line to the stars!

HERE WE are again with oodles of the newsiest tidbits. So stay tuned…

THE MONKEES are still whirling in their usual excitement! PETER proudly reports that he’s now the official owner of a brand-new MG! We suspect he’s been taking quite a few quick spins around town—he’s got a pretty flashy package, to say the least. Speaking of packages, one 12-year-old MONKEE fan wrapped herself up in a cardboard carton and mailed herself to THE MONKEE suite! She survived the ordeal, a little rough handling en route, and arrived in one piece at her supposed destination. When she popped out of the box, however, she found herself face-to-face with, of all people—the group’s producer. Both parties were very much surprised! That’s quite a MONKEE mix-up!…

Soon everybody will be driving psychedelic cars! BEATLE JOHN was the first to start it when he had his Rolls Royce re-sprayed in wild colors and patterns! Then GEORGE got in on it with his Indian mini. PAUL and JANE chose colors for PAUL’S Hispano Suiza and it does look rare and way-out! JOHN’s car is a bright, wild yellow with red, white, blue and orange wheels and zodiac signs in huge splashes of color across the roof. GEORGE’S car cost about three thousand dollars to paint and is covered with Indian figures (one of which took 72 hours to sketch) Do-it-yourself kits are now selling in London and may be here soon if you have the inclination to try it!…

All of a sudden MARIANNE FAITHFULL, ROLLING STONE MICK JAGGER’s ever-so-faithful girlfriend, finds herself flooded with movie offers. For a start, she’s accepted “The Motorcycle,” co-starring ALAIN DELON . . . A bigger and fatter TWIGGY has made the scene lately. She’s added 22 ounces to her 92 pound frame . . . DINO, fantab drummer with THE YOUNG RASCALS, also plays the autoharp and paints to music . . . DONOVAN’s ambition is to buy a house in the country and furnish it in Sixteenth Century style. With all this guy’s antique-hunting energy, we know he just might make it all come true some time real soon . . .

Would you believe that THE BLUES MAGOOS have added four-foot high “psych-de-lites” to their repertoire? These flashing, bubbling strobes are placed on opposite ends of the stage and are filled with red lava and clear fluids which constantly change form. Yup, the effect is eerie during performances—but what else would you want for a red hot attraction? . . . KEITH finally tied the knot with his long-time sweetheart, Lynne Deveto. It seems they’ve known each other for ages (from way back when in Philadelphia), and we sure are glad they finally took that big, important step! . . . GENE PITNEY, in spite of his chart-topping success, still has one unfulfilled musical yen! He’s always wanted to make a recording of just whistled tunes, but he’s worried about how his fans would react. We’re sure we should give GENE our vote of confidence. ’cause everything he does is just super-wonderful! . . .

HERMAN’s little sister Suzanne is an awfully clever three-year-old! Once, when HERM went to hit her ’cause


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