What Is a Monkee Fan?

Micky Dolenz

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A Monkee fan is someone who’s in love: in love with life and with four great guys who give life meaning. The Monkees know how to live, truly and well, and Monkee fans look to them to show the way.

A Monkee fan loves laughter and good times and knows that the Monkees have found ways to put these things into everyday life. No matter what the situation, a Monkee fan knows that if the Monkees suddenly appeared, everything would be super-groovy again. The Monkees would find some way to take the un-grooviness out and put bounce and laughter back in.

Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork

A Monkee fan knows beyond any doubt that the Monkees really care about her. She isn’t just “another fan” to any one of them, she’s someone they want very much to know and talk to and groove with. Lots of times there just isn’t any way to accomplish this, but Monkee fans know that if there was a way, the Monkees would be there.

A Monkee fan dreams constantly of the day she’ll finally meet them. She knows that it’s got to happen someday—they meet so many, many fans and her turn just has to come up. So she dreams and plans and gets ready for that day because she knows that it will be the most important day in her life.

Peter Tork

A Monkee fan fills her walls with pictures and her bookcases with scrapbooks of the greatest four alive. She reads everything about them that she can trust, knowing that when people get famous there are always other people who want to put them down. She realizes that there will always be rumors, false stories and all sorts of un-groovy things going around and the only thing a fan can do is have faith in the guys she loves and not believe the stories.

Instead, she thinks about the great things she knows the Monkees are. She learns from them for she knows that they have worked very hard to get where they are and that on the way they have learned many things. She’s able to trust the things the Monkees tell her because she knows they’re true.

A Monkee fan spends a half-hour every week in heaven. When the Monkees are on, nothing interferes. All her thoughts, her emotions, everything she has is directed toward the four people she sees on the TV screen. She knows that they feel how intensely she loves them because sometimes she’ll be watching one of them on the screen and he’ll get a gleam in his eye and she’ll know that he’s understood.

Peter Tork

A Monkee fan buys every single record the Monkees make because it’s the only way their voices can be heard whenever a fan is lonely for them. All a fan has to do is put a record on the phonograph and suddenly Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter are there.

A Monkee fan goes to bed at night dreaming and her dreams are more real than daily life. It seems like life is the reality, but all Monkees fans know that Monkee dreams are much more real for through dreams Monkees become as close as they wish they could be to their fans in real life.

Davy Jones

A Monkee fan takes up cooking and knitting because these things bring her closer and closer to them. She cooks every recipe of theirs over and over hoping that some night she’ll cook a Monkee’s favorite dish on the very night they themselves are eating it. She knits wool hats endlessly, making them for her friends, her pets, her brothers and sisters and, finally, for gifts for everyone because she has so many.

A Monkee fan gives thanks every day for the way the Monkees have changed her life. She knows that without them she would be less the person she knows she is because the Monkees have given many things to her. Because of the Monkees, a Monkee fan has been given herself.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 9
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 48–49