Voting Machine Flashes Winners

Are You Ready? This won’t wait one fraction of an instant longer! Here are the results of the November Voting Machine Contest!

The Voting Machine is still warm from cranking out all of your official ballots sent in for faves in November Contest. They came in by the thousands, and the results are a gas! Here’s how your faves rate after the ballots went through the belts and gears and levers of the old Voting Machine—

Number 1—Monkees (9,202)
Number 2—Phyllis (7,202)
Number 3—Sonny & Cher (4,606)
Number 4—Jon Provost (4,004)
Number 5—Raiders (3,909)
Number 6—Hermits (3,808)
Number 7—Kurt Russell (3,303)
Number 8—Jay North (3,101)
Number 9—Beatles (2,909)
Number 10—D, D & B (2,909)

So much for the fave contest! After the Voting Machine quit wheezing and clanking, flashing his lights and ringing his bells; Candy Cotton reached into the ballot bin. This, of course, to find out who wins the groovy TiGER BEAT ballpoint pens and portfolios of the Ten Top Faves above. Candy drew out ten ballots, and here are the lucky WINNERS

  1. Joetta Goodpaster, 13, of 3820 E. Ft. Lowell Rd., Tucson, Arizona.
  2. Loretta Laing, 13, of 1318 S. Mead, Logansport, Indiana.
  3. Cheryl Myers, 14, of 229 Madison St., Westville, Illinois.
  4. Susan Alvitt, 13, of 302 W. Prairie, Vicksburg, Michigan.
  5. Carolyn Thaler, 15 ½, of 229–19 87th Ave., Queens Village, New York.
  6. Marianne Meyer, 11, of 74–28 Park Lane So., Woodhaven, N.Y.
  7. Margie Reboe, 15, of 1215 Addison, Cleveland, Ohio.
  8. Teri Harman, 16, of 4315 E. 56th St., Maywood, California.
  9. Christine Zouka, 13 ½, of 11 McKenzie, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada.
  10. Shirley Tangen, 13, of Route 1, Sunburg, Minnesota.

Magazine: Fave
Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 22