Peter’s Special Day

as told in his own words

Have you ever had a day when everything was perfectly smooth sailing? Of course you have. Everybody does, including the Monkees. Peter remembers one such day on their tour when everything went just right.

“It was a great morning and the vibrations were especially good. I picked up the phone and just happened to order ham and English muffins for breakfast for no reason at all. The ham was Iowa ham (the best kind), the muffins were good and everything was perfect.

“Then I walked out and there was this great big box by the side of the swimming pool. The girls who had put it there were all standing on the other side. The first thing I saw was a hat for Micky. It was like a railroad conductor’s hat and he wore it for the longest time. I think he even wore it on stage that night.”

With all the hundreds and millions of fans around this wide world, you can imagine how many really fab presents the Monkees must receive every day. Some are large, some are small, but they all have a special something about them that seems to say “We love you.” So, each and every gift means a great deal to the boys.

But sometimes they receive a present that really knocks them out, such as this one. Peter was sure excited about it when he opened it!

“The package was called ‘The Super-Survival Kit’ and inside there was a little tag saying ‘Inspected by Susie.’ Two sides of the box said PEACE in all different colors. And in red ink the word LOVE was printed the same way. Then on each end were the far-out words ‘Hare Krishna’ which is part of an Indian chant.”

Inside the box were all kinds of groovy goodies for the guys, like a plastic bag full of fish and chips for Davy (who else?). Peter’s special surprise was a box of fortune cookies. What’s more, they pulled out lollypops and a bubble machine!

“We went over to where the girls were and signed autographs,” Peter recalls. “They were all nice and cheerful, excited but not screaming. The whole day was like that! The sun was warm, the water was groovy and nobody got badly sunburned.

“Usually when we order fresh food we hardly ever get it, but this time we got just what we wanted. We even did a good concert that night to top it all off. That’s the way it went all day. And I sure do like that kind of day!”

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Page: 18