Monkees’ Private Places

Magazine: Monkee Spec. #8
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 30–31

If you ever want to see the Monkees in person… and who doesn’t?… here’s a few of the grooviest spots in and around Hollywood that the famous four often visit!

Since Lenny’s Boot Parlor is right around the corner from Screen Games the Monkees stop in often. Micky buys a large part of his clothes here.

This is Peter’s favorite place to buy books because they always seem to have what he wants. He got his favorite book, “The Book of the Tao”, here.

Norm’s is right next door to the RCA Studios, so the Monkees most often eat here when they record. The building you just barely see in the background is RCA.

Thru [sic] these doors troop four Monkees when they record. On the other side of the outside wall, which you see here, is Studio A, the studio of the Monkees.

Micky’s all time favorite place to buy his hobby materials—Kit Kraft has EVERYTHING! Micky travels across the hills separating Hollywood form the San Fernando Valley to shop here.

Right across the street from Lenny’s, just a few doors from Screen Gems where the Monkees film, this is the place you usually find the Monkees eating lunch on filming days.

Both Peter and Mike have played here and all the Monkees still come to see the show. Peter still plays on “hoot nights” when anyone in the audience can get up and do their act.

Another favorite Monkee place-to-go. The Whiskee [sic] A Go Go is in the heart of the famous Sunset Strip and carried many of the top acts in the business. All the Monkees come here to see the show.