Davy The Athlete

Magazine: Monkee Spec. #8
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 60–61

Davy’s a winner as far as all sports go! He’s an expert at everything from soccer to horseback riding. He digs keeping in shape and when he’s not exercising Davy’s eating health foods. He has boundless energy and with his demanding schedule, it’s lucky he does.

DIVING is one of Davy’s favorite activities. He’s good enough at it to be a professional. Here he is gagging it up with a Ducky tube which he hardly needs.

ON VACATIONS, Davy loves to be near the ocean. He enjoys boating scuba diving, and ocean swimming. He never has to worry about getting sunburned because his skin is naturally dark so he tans quickly and deeply. GOLFING is another of Davy’s hobbies and during last summer’s tour, he liked stopping at hotels that included a golf course. His form is getting better all the time and often he practices on the set between scenes.

SOCCER is a great sport, and many of Davy’s friends from England are professional soccer stars. Give Davy a ball and a few minutes of spare time and you can really see some action. He has control of the ball at all times and his technique is outasite. Speed is an important part of this sport and Davy Jones can be extremely quick on his feet.