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Coco Dolenz

A great new monthly column by Micky’s sister COCO DOLENZ

This is the first of a series of articles, that I am going to write and I hope you like them. I will try to write about interesting events and happenings with my brother Micky.

Did you ever dream about being on a concert tour with the Monkees? If, in your dreams, you were running around hotels, dashing into limousines, (being surrounded by the happy faces of hundreds of Fans) and then flying off to a distant city, your dreams were just about correct. That is what happens, true, but all sorts of goodies happen in between. Want to hear about them? Well, here goes!!! My family and I jetted to one of the cities where the Monkees were to catch their concert and just to see what really goes on. I really had a gas and I want to share it with you.

Phone call

Janelle Dolenz Scott, Micky Dolenz
Micky with our mother.

It all started about ten o’clock one morning when the phone rang. You guessed it. It was Micky. When I answered all I heard was: “Hi, Coke!! I want you and the family to fly to meet us in our next city, and be with me for the weekend. Come on!!! Be Jet-Setters!!!! I’ll be expecting you!!!!”

Bamm—that was it. My Mom was all for it and I was glad cos when Micky gets his head set on something, he wants it to happen. We had one day and night to get ready and get there. So what started out as a beautiful, normal morning, turned out to be one of hectic confusion. Many phone calls about plane reservations—then we were off. In a matter of a few hours the plane touched down in this beautiful city after a [sic] exciting flight—it was a gas!!! But what was waiting on the other end was more of a gas.

Micky Dolenz

There was Micky, camera and all, smiling like a Cheshire cat. We exchanged a few hugs, and were off to the hotel where the Monkees were staying. Micky had two limo’s [sic] there to take us, all four of us—he figured we would have lots of luggage. We usually do, especially my Mom, but he forgot we’d only be there a couple of days. Anyway what a blast sailing along with police escorts, sirens and all…

Autograph hunters

Micky Dolenz

When we got to the hotel, we hopped out of the limo’s [sic] and were immediately surrounded by hundreds of excited people and before we knew it we were all signing autographs. Finally Micky managed with the help of the guards to get us into our rooms. The Monkees were all occupying the same floor. What excitement!!

After all this excitement my Mom and grandmother (Mamoo) decided to take a short rest. But not Debbie, Gina and I. We were keyed up by now and ready to go. We went. Ran into Mike and Peter and Davy. Debbie was all excited, she and the boys are great friends. Gina was having a ball. I went to Micky’s room and we goofed around a while, then went the rounds to say Hi to everyone. I was listening to David Price jam a little on a new guitar he had, when all of a sudden Neko, Ric Klein and Davy flew by the room, tooting horns, laughing and tripping each other. Boy, what a bunch of nuts!!! I visited Peter and met his brother, Nick. By the way, they act, talk, and laugh the same.

Micky Dolenz

I made the rounds then dollyed back to Micky’s room. He was working on a belt that he was making out of leather. It was really outasite. He got tired of doing that, so he worked on his bead loom for a while. His room looked like a hobby shop. As you know, he loves doing things with his hands. We chatted about old times, and I told him about my new boyfriend. Then the others joined us and we discussed his chances of coming back to Los Gatos with us for a few days—then we were interrupted by zillions of people.

In about five mintues [sic] things were starting to jump—it was getting close to concert time.

A trick

Micky Dolenz

Mike came in and clued Micky in—Neko and Ric were planning on playing a trick on all of the Monkees. I don’t know what it was, I think it had something to do with giving them the wrong clothes to put on and really messing them up. After Mike left, the fellow in charge of getting everyone to the concert told me that we would have to be ready in about twenty minutes, so I flew to my room to get dressed. But before I left Micky I had him tell Marilyn that he was coming home with us and wouldn’t be leaving on the plane after the concert with the rest of the Monkees.

A limo picked us up about 7:30 and we were on our way to the concert. No matter how many times we catch the show, my family and I never tire of it. It’s really groovy!!!! We were up close so we could leave quickly and quietly just before the show was over. During intermission we were recognized by some of the audience and spent a few moments autographing—some of the fans took pictures. It was really great!!! I love meeting people especially friends of my brother. For even though they don’t all get a chance to meet him, Micky considers them his friends and so do I. To those of you I did get to meet at the concert and at the hotel, I want to say thank you for being so wonderful and I love you all, just as my brother loves you.

Right before the last song, we were scurried backstage and into our Limo. Micky was to leave the concert with Mike, Peter and Davy, and we were going to meet him at the Airport, where he was to hurriedly transfer to our car and return to the hotel with us.

Micky Dolenz

The whole set-up was like something you see in the movies, with the chauffeurs talking about rendezvouing [sic] at such and such a place, synchronizing their watches, police escorts, sirens and the whole bit. We got to the airport a few minutes before the Monkees arrived—and Boy did they arrive!!! Sirens were blasting, lights were flashing, Debbie and Gina jumping up and down yelling “Here they come—” We’ve all been through this before, but each time is new and exciting. When the Monkees arrived we were escorted onto the airfield—we looked like a caravan worming around the field and trying to find the right plane. We were all in stitches. Micky was yelling to us from his car, and the drivers were signalling each other as to where to go. We finally stopped and everyone gathered around getting things organized for the trip home. Micky got in our car and we headed back to the hotel—police escort and all. Frankly it seemed to me the police were getting a bigger kick out of this than anyone.

Room service

Micky Dolenz

Once inside our rooms, Micky ordered tons of food. Of course the Menu included malts, chili, orange juice, and another of Micky’s favorites—watermelon. Micky somehow remembered each one’s favorite food and ordered that too. My Mom and I have a thing about club standwiches [sic]. Over all this food we tried to talk—all at once—we had trouble coz our ears were ringing like huge Cathedral Bells. Micky was bushed so he soon went to his room and crashed. Tours are fantastic but tiring. We all had a big day and like Micky we crashed too. Mom stayed up for a while making sure we all had reservations for the flight home.

Somehow the fans sensed that Micky was still with us for they were all lined up early next morning. Micky went down early and signed autographs. And as we came down I remember Micky turned to my Mom and Grandmother and said “Aren’t they beautiful?” Micky is happiest when he is making others happy. If I ever want a detective for anything I’ll ask the help of one of his fans. They seem to know everything. And I mean that as a compliment.

Ready for home

Micky Dolenz

We had breakfast. Micky signed more autographs and chatted with more Fans. Then came the job of getting all his luggage into the limousine and police car—all fifteen pieces of it. Most of them were filled with toys for Debbie and Gina that he picked up all over. And some with gifts from his fans. He told me that he had bought a new suitcase in almost every town, for he’d rather do that than leave any of his gifts behind. He said he’d rather leave his clothes than the things that his friends had taken the time to make for him or get for him. By the time we were ready to leave it was getting close to take-off time, so on with the sirens again, and we were off to the airport.

Well, we arrived in San Francisco, coz planes don’t go to Los Gatos. On the way home we talked quietly about business plans, and Micky’s Fan Club. For the next few days he spent hours reading his letters, organizing things for the Kits he sends out, and taking care of general business like he always does on his trips home. He and Dad went target shooting because Micky has always had an interest in guns. Strictly for targets. He doesn’t dig wars, and killing. Just like I’m sure none of you do. “Love” is his motto—mine too, how about you??????

Loves Mexican food

Coco Dolenz

That evening we all went to dinner—still tired but a friend of ours at our church asked Micky if he would come to the restaurant where she works and Micky naturally said yes. He’s always willing to do things for people, and in turn we had a gas and a wonderful dinner. Mexican food!!! Micky loves it!!!

Then all too soon it came time for Micky to leave. He hadn’t seen his home in Hollywood for three months and we couldn’t blame him for being anxious in a way to go. He had a lot of things there he wanted to do plus the fact he had to get back to work. Mom and I brought him to the airport and we could tell he wanted to stay with us and yet he wanted to get to his own home.

I won’t ever forget the great time we all had on the trip and how many new friends I had made. People, I have decided, are great no matter where you go. I can’t wait until I will be able to travel and meet people and go to new places. I hope one of these days I’ll be able to meet you.

That weekend was beautiful—and I’ll never forget the time we were Jet-Setters.

Next month I’m going to tell you about a Movie Micky wrote, Produced, Directed and acted in—oh sure, I was in it too. For now—Bye Bye—and God Bless You.

Coco Dolenz

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 4–7