Mike’s Many Moods

Mike’s many moods stem from the many things required of him as a Monkee… as a husband… and as a father. Mike can be a clown, like when he’s in front of the camera doing funny business for a Monkee show. He can be serious when he observes the technical part of staging a television show or producing a record—or, when he is getting ready to perform a live concert. Once on stage or on camera, Mike’s one thought is to entertain his audience.

As a husband and father, Mike’s expressive face and eyes show his great fondness and pride for those he loves—Phyllis and Christian! Because he is a very real warm human being, and because he has a big talent for drama as well as music, you can be sure that Mike Nesmith will never be long away from your TV and movie screens!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 17