Micky’s Dearest Luvs

You may not be surprised to learn who this mad, mad Monkee truly treasures. You will understand why he does after reading how they helped him up the ladder to success.

Micky’s dearest luvs are five people who’ve helped him, encouraged him, and been back of him every step of the way in his climb to super-stardom. He loves them all for their help because he realizes that they’ve each had a part in his success.

As far as Micky is concerned, probably the most important person is his mother. It takes a very special sort of mother to help when her child decides to go into show business.

Janelle Dolenz Scott

People who choose to be entertainers have to endure periods of discouragement, being broke and sometimes, almost starving. Because of this most parents usually urge their children to go into anything but show business. But Micky’s mother wanted him to have the one thing that meant the very most to him—the chance to entertain and make other people happy.

Mrs. Scott could have insisted that Micky stay in school and learn a trade or profession. She could have insisted that he not leave home when he did. But she didn’t. Instead she was behind him all the way, writing him upbeat letters to keep his spirits up. She told him she had real faith in his abilities, and that she knew he had what it takes to be a successful entertainer.

Micky’s living conditions after he left home weren’t the grooviest, but his mother knew he didn’t want to accept money from home. So she didn’t insist here, either. She understood that it was more unselfish to let him do the things he wanted to do in his own way.

Because of the encouragement he got at home Micky had a solid footing for his career. He knew that there would be rough times ahead, and he was willing to take the risks. But, when you’re in a strange town with strange people and very little money, it’s great to know that you have solid supporters at home.

Coco Dolenz

Coco gave him many fine things, too. When the family would get together to watch Micky’s skits, it was always Coco who played with him. Micky would make up comedy routines and Coco would memorize the parts he gave her and then act out the routine with him. You can see the results of her help on your own TV set, because without his sister’s going all out for him Micky would not have gotten the experience that any comedian needs in order to be really good.

Now that he’s a Monkee Micky often doesn’t have the time to look after such chores as laundry or seeing that the monthly bills get paid. Coco often takes over so that he can concentrate on his craft and not have to worry about everyday stuff. There are a lot of sisters who wouldn’t want to do this, but Coco does it gladly because she loves her brother.

Micky’s other sisters, Debbie and Gina, have been very loyal to him, too. They’ve always been there laughing at his comedy routines, helping him to discover the things that make other people happy. He knows that whenever he’s filming Debbie and Gina will see him, so he’s always trying to be better and better for them.

Ann Moses

Another of Micky’s favorites is Ann Moses. It’s great for him to have someone, like Ann, whom he can trust to write accurately about him as a Monkee and as a person. Many times when an individual becomes famous there are lots of half-truths and weird stories that go around. A sincere writer like Ann tries to stop all of that by careful reporting. And because Micky knows that whatever he tells Ann will be written up just right, he often confides in her, telling her things that he wouldn’t tell other people because he couldn’t trust them as much. Ann is the kind of friend who is trusted by all the Monkees and they’re all happy that she writes about them.

These are Micky’s dearest luvs. They’ve each helped and encouraged him all the way. They’re beautiful people. Micky loves them all.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 24–25