I Cut The Monkees’ Hair

Have you ever wondered what happens to Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike’s fallen locks after their hair is shorn? Here’s the whole truth told by the Monkees’ hairstylist! AND DON’T MISS THE MONKEE SURPRIZE ON PAGE 16!

All about Michael

Michael Graber

Michael Graber was born on June 2nd in New York City. He is five feet and ten inches tall, has brown hair and light brown eyes. After graduating from high school Michael worked in New York City at various jobs for two years. Ten years ago he decided to go to Los Angeles. “I had heard it was beautiful out there,” he says, “and it was and I never left.”

Michael went to hairstyling school and had worked in many places before Jim Frawley asked him if he would consider cutting the hair of the then unknown Monkees. Mike’s first reaction to the boys, whom he met one evening in Frawley’s home, was: “They were delightful—very natural, spontaneous and individualistic.” Mike has been hairstylist for the Monkees ever since, and travels with them wherever they go.

Mike resides in a bachelor pad high up in Laurel Canyon, has a German shepherd named “Schlub,” and drives a burgundy Porsche-Targa convertible. His favorite pastimes are surfing at Malibu and going to the discotheques on the Sunset Strip.

Cutting the Monkees’ hair is really something else! It’s all been like a crazy dream. There I was styling hair for women in a Beverly Hills salon when a friend of mine put the famous director, Jim Frawley, in touch with me.

“How would you like to snip the locks of four young fellows who are going to be teenage idols in five months?” Jim asked me.

“Would I?” I said. “You know it, baby.”

The guys and I hit it off just great from the very beginning, and since then it’s been the trip of all trips. I mean that I travel wherever the Monkees go, and so far that’s more than halfway around the world!

Hairy London

A crazy thing happened when we were in London this past trip. I was giving Mike’s hair a trim and he was sitting right by the hotel window, where the light was best. I heard a strange noise building up outside, but I hardly noticed. Slowly, the “noise” became a roar! I looked out the window and I saw at least a thousand girls standing there with their hands up in the air, screaming for me to throw down some hair! Since I meticulously save every single strand of Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter’s hair that I cut (you’ll see why later), it wasn’t easy for me to forego a few of Mike’s lock’s—but I did. I leaned out the window and dropped the little fluffs of hair. What happened when they hit the waiting hands of the English fans would make a mob riot look as prim as a London tea party! Piles upon piles of screaming, wiggling girls began to build up before my eyes. I thought they would never stop. I decided then and there not to drop the boys’ hair out of a window ever again! Before I go on to even more fascinating things, let me pause and tell you what the Monkees are like when they are sitting in my Monkee “barber’s” chair.


  • Peter Tork, Michael Graber
    Who dat?
  • Peter Tork, Michael Graber
    Guru Tork—dat who!

Peter meditates while I cut—which makes it a very groovy thing for both of us. When Peter meditates, he sits perfectly still, as though he were in a trance, and that makes it easier for me to guide my scissors around his dark blond locks.


  • Davy Jones, Michael Graber
    Davy goes all the way—
  • Michael Graber, Davy Jones
    —and Michael saves every precious strand!

I’ll never forget when I had to cut Davy’s hair at the time it got so long (you do remember how long it used to be, don’t you?). His hair hung about five inches below his collar, and before his “big clipping” we just stared at each other for a while. Davy is very definite about what he wants, but on that particular day neither of us was too sure of just what to do about all that incredible brown hair. We finally decided to be ultra-daring and go “all the way.” Personally, I think Davy looks better than ever with his new hairdo. It is short, but it has a long look—if you know what I mean. And don’t worry, girls—I saved every precious strand I snipped off that day (as I always have saved all of Davy, Mike, Peter and Micky’s hair that I’ve cut).


  • Mike Nesmith, Michael Graber
    Mike gets sleepy—
  • Mike Nesmith
    —but Michael “sings” him awake!

Mike’s hair grows fastest and he has enough for ten people. He is very relaxed when I give him a trim. In fact, he’s so relaxed that once he almost fell asleep. I keep him awake by whistling. That makes him start singing in self-defense. Hey, maybe I oughta get a tape recorder!


  • Michael Graber, Micky Dolenz
    Micky, “the wriggly yawner.”
  • Michael Graber, Micky Dolenz
    Micky is a “naturalist.”

I call Micky “wiggly” because he’s the twitchiest Monkee. He’s either yawning, frowning, talking, singing or slipping and sliding. Micky used to have his hair straightened, but lately he has let it grow back to its own natural soft curliness. In fact, Micky has decided that he wants everything in his life to be as natural as possible—and I think that’s a groove.

Get Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike’s hair!

With all this talk about the fabulous hair of Davy, Peter, Mike and Micky, you must be going wild wondering how you can get a lock for your very own. As usual, 16 is coming to your rescue—and I wish to point out here and now that no matter what you read anywhere else, the hair of Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter that 16 is giving away absolutely free to you (see Page 16) is the only real authenticated hair these boys have personally given to any magazine in the world! To get your very own lock of Micky, Peter, Davy or Mike’s fuzz, just turn the page. You’ll find out how super 16 once again saves the day for each and every one of you!

In case you’re not one of the ultra-lucky winners who will get a “Michael Graber authenticated lock of hair” from either Peter, Micky, Davy or Mike—you needn’t weep over it. I have made special arrangements to make sure that no one will be left out. I’ve made up “hair badges” with a personal guarantee on them from me. Each of these badges holds a piece of hair from my clippings of either Davy, Peter, Micky or Mike.

If you want the hair of either Davy, Peter, Mike or Micky, just send $1 in check, cash or money order (be sure to enclose an additional 25ยข for handling and mailing) for each hair badge you want to this address: Michael Graber Enterprises, P.O. Box 581, Hollywood, Calif., 90028. In your order be sure to state whether you want DAVY, PETER, MICKY or MIKE’s hair badge. Don’t forget to enclose $1.25, and be sure to print your name and address very clearly on the letter you send as your order.

Now, for the thrill of a lifetime, turn the page and hang on, little angels—cos you’re in for a roaring, soaring, roller coaster ride!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 7
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 14–15