The Monkees—4 Frantic Confessions

Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones
Info Push! Tug! You can tell that it took a lot of pulling to get any admissions from the boys! But we did it at long last!!

They’ve kept a few secrets, but they’re not holding back anymore! They’re telling all!

IT’S CONFESSION time for The big M’s! So get set for some absolutely gigantical, antical and frantical admissions—straight from those ever-lovin’ Monkees!

Davy’s biggest weakness is girls. He loves all girls, but if you want to see him go stark-raving-mad-out-of-his-head, Davy confessed to us, just introduce him to a tall, beautiful, blonde gal!

This really is his ideal description—mature-minded, pretty, with long, flowing blonde hair and about six-feet tall!

All you have to do is mention it, and you can hear Davy screech, “Oh-Boy! Oh-Boy!” at the top of his Manchester lungs!

Micky confessed to us that he gets super gung-ho when it comes to clothes! He just can’t resist buying himself a new pair of hipsters, a great-looking suit, a sharp-looking belt or whatever he happens to see that catches his eye, and the trouble is that everything catches his eye!

His closets are filled clothes-tight, as it is! “And the next step,” Micky confessed, “will be to have a rack over my bathtub!” It’s for sure that Micky would think that was a gas!

Davy and Mike were so afraid that he’d go stone broke, they chipped in and bought him a suede coat for his first American tour. But that was awhile ago, and Micky’s not broke—and still shopping!

Peter’s big confession is that he’s been in show business much longer than he’s ever admitted to! But now he’s decided that it’s time for honesty, so he’s come clean and told the turth! [sic]

You see, Peter’s conducted a real live orchestra! “Being a conductor was my biggest ambition in my younger days,” Peter confessed to us! And finally, he got his big break. And it was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to him in his whole life, short of becoming a Monkee, that is!

The break was that he conducted a restaurant orchestra in Germany, and he was only four years old. So, you see, he really has been in show biz for ages and ages!

Mike confessed to us that he’s got the most astronomical phone bills! In fact, they’re so big that Mike’s beginning to think that he’s the sole support of the phone company. And that, according to Mike, “is no joke!”

Mike explained that he gets very lonely when he’s away from his wife Phyllis and his son Christian Duval. So, he picks up the phone and calls home—’cause he misses them so much!

But the worst part of it is that he gets lonely several times a day, everyday that he’s gone and from far-away places all over the world! That can add up to a lot of money—and that’s the Monkee truth!!!

Magazine: Star Time
Editor: Alice Craig
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: A.A.A. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 6