Mike Sees a Doctor

Mike Nesmith

Mike’s so terribly worried ’n nervous! He should be—it’s the worst night of his life!

It was a time of pain, a time of fear. Here’s how Mike came through it all!

Where was the doctor? What was taking him so long? Those were the questions that kept running through Mike Nesmith’s mind. His nerves couldn’t take it much longer. The usual “cool” of this Monkee had long since gone!

Mike continued to pace the long corridor—back and forth, back and forth. He just knew that he’d go out of his head if this ordeal went on any longer. He decided to do something to take his mind off the matter. He began to hum a song. But that wasn’t doing any good, either. The musically talented Mike couldn’t seem to get the notes out right!

All of a sudden, he spotted a nurse walking down the hall, and he started to run after her.

“Nurse! Nurse!” Mike called, practically at the top of his lungs.

“Please do be quiet, Mr. Nesmith,” the nurse answered him as she came to a halt. “Why don’t you sit down and read a magazine? Everything will be fine, Mr. Nesmith, you’ll see.”

Then she turned around and kept on walking—away from Mike! And she’d seemed to be such a nice, helpful nurse when he’d seen her earlier. How could she tell him to sit down and read? Didn’t she understand what he was going through?

Mike Nesmith

Another half hour passed, and then another. Why didn’t that doctor come out already? Mike knew that in just one minute, if someone didn’t come and help him, he was going to let out with the loudest scream that anyone in that hospital had ever heard!

But just as he was about to yell, he saw the doctor coming toward him, and he had a big fat grin on his face.

“Congratulations, Mr. Nesmith! You have a lovely son,” the doctor beamed. “And your wife and child are both doing beautifully.”

Then the doctor shook his hand, but Mike hardly remembers that. He does recall letting out an absolutely tremendous “Yeow,” though. And it was a mighty different kind of “noise” than he’d had in mind the first time. In fact, it was the happiest yell of his entire life!

Magazine: Star Time
Editor: Alice Craig
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: A.A.A. Magazines, Inc.
Pages: 48–49