Micky Takes a Bride

Micky Dolenz
Info Micky looks glowy-eyed at this gal! Is she the lucky one?!

Is she pretty, kind and thoughtful? Mr. Dolenz tells it all!

Say it isn’t so! Micky couldn’t be married… taken… hooked… lost to the female population forever! Well, it isn’t so and he isn’t so. But there is a new development in his life and it has to do with a future bride! Micky’s sort-of made his choice, you see. At least, he’s narrowed the choice down to a mere few million girls. In other words, he’s made up his mind, once and for all, about the kind of girl he’d like to call his very own! Maybe it’s you! If you want to find out, read on…

Micky, like everybody else who lives and breathes, sometimes gets into bad moods. His girl will either be able to 1.) get him out of his bad mood or 2) sympathize with it and therefore make him feel better about it. She’ll be the kind of girl who knows what he’s thinking without having to hear him say it out loud… and she’ll usually be thinking the same thing.

It’s very important to Micky to know that people love him because he’s Micky—not just because he’s a Monkee! After all, fame came to him suddenly. And he can’t help but be somewhat suspicious of people who just as suddenly want to be friends with him. The girl he marries will have to make it absolutely clear that she’d marry Micky even if he were a zoo-keeper!

Micky Dolenz

Micky’s the kind of guy who kisses people when he meets them, kisses reporters who interview him, and photographers who take pictures of him. You might say that Micky shows affection to everybody he likes. And that’s the way he wants his wife to behave toward him! His future wife will just love to hold hands and snuggle… to steal kisses… to squeeze hands… to exchange special loving glances. And Micky will love it, too!

Girls who like animals, little children, walking in the rain, watching birds fly, going to the circus and getting all teary-eyed when they’re happy, rate with Micky. He likes the good, old-fashioned, feminine girl who’s interested in people and life. His future wife will think having scads of children is groovy, too! And she’ll be the most patient and loving mother a kid ever had—for sure!

Micky’s future wife won’t keep him waiting at the front door while she’s making up in the bedroom… she won’t chatter away when he’d rather read or watch TV… and she won’t harp on him to do things she knows he’d rather not do. In other words, she’ll show the same consideration for him that he’ll show for her. And that’s because there’ll be mutual love between them!

Micky’s list of necessary items may not be a long one, but it’s an important one! It will let him know when Miss Right comes along!

Magazine: Star Time
Editor: Alice Craig
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: A.A.A. Magazines, Inc.
Pages: 12–13