Intimate Peter Thoughts

Peter Tork
Info Peter’s thinking! You can tell by that far-off look and dreamy smile that’s on his face!

Peter talks about his ex-wife, girlfriend and old home. So lend an ear!

There are certain quiet hours when Monkee Peter Tork is all alone. And it’s at these times that Peter thinks his own private thoughts. Be very quiet, so as not to disturb his concentration, and you can listen in on some of them!

Peter thinks about…

… his life in Greenwich Village. He has so many good “buddies” living there, and since he moved to Hollywood he hardly gets to see them. Besides missing his friends, he also hankers to go to some of those “super cool” spots that he used to frequent. One, in particular, is the Dugout. Peter remembers many great evenings he spent there! Of course, he wouldn’t give up being a Monkee to go back there—but still, it’s nice to think about it!

… “philosophy.” Living life to its utmost is a very important thing to Peter. He does a great deal of reading about how all different kinds of people live, and about what life means to them. Then he evaluates other peoples’ ideas against his own. In this way, he feels that he’s living the best way he knows how—from day to day.

Peter Tork

… his ex-wife Jody. Most people don’t know that Peter was once married, when he was very young. It was a short marriage, because both of them were really too young to handle the responsibility of it. Peter was just twenty (Peter was likely 22 years old), and Jody was only sixteen. They both realize that they weren’t old enough to make a successful “go of it,” and they are still good friends today.

… his childhood. He was always very close to his two brothers, Nick and Christopher, and his sister, Ann Elizabeth. The entire Thorkelson family was closely knit, and they all used to spend a lot of time together. Peter thinks about them a great deal, especially because he lives so far away from them and sees them so rarely.

… his college days. He regrets not having finished his college career. Peter’s very bright and keeps himself well-informed about the things that are going on around him, but he misses having a formal education. Someday, he hopes to go back and finish his schooling.

… his girlfriend Leah Cohen. She’s a beautiful, dark-haired girl Peter respects a great deal. She’s bright and full of life—all the things that Peter is looking for in a girl. Right now, they have no marriage plans—but still, Peter thinks of her often when they’re not together.

… being a Monkee. Peter thinks that this is one of the greatest things that ever happened to him—in his whole life!

Magazine: Star Time
Editor: Alice Craig
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: A.A.A. Magazines, Inc.
Pages: 26–27