The Monkees’ Faces Tell on Them


There’s a very old science which deals with the study of a person’s personality just by studying the person’s features, such as their eyes or lips. No one’s certain if it’s true or not but we here at MONKEE SPECTACULAR thought it would be fun to do a study of the Monkees to see if it would come close to what the Monkees are really like. The name of this science is Physiognomy (fiz-e-ag-no-me).


Peter Tork

(1) Peter’s nose has a high bridge that is full and high between the eyes. This means that he has a natural sense of size and proportion and he has the ability to “measure with his eye”.

(2) The rim of Peter’s lower eye is rounded and full. This means that he gets very excited about many things.

(3) Normally Peter’s upper eye lid covers about one-third of his eye. This means that he has great powers of concentration and he thinks about things deeply.

(4) Peter’s upper lip is medium full and the center of his lower lip is very full. This indicates that he is very sympathetic, kind and generous.

(5) His dimple shows that he has a taste for fun but he tempers it with a serious disposition. He’s good natured and has a love for the arts. He has a quick wit.


Micky Dolenz

(1) Micky’s nose has an inward curve from top to tip. This means that he has a great zest for living and he doesn’t like to be tied down to just a few things.

(2) His lips are medium thin and he has a fairly wide mouth. This indicates that he becomes extremely enthusiastic about his interests.

(3) He has a small inward curve between his nose and his upper lip. This means that he has lots of artistic tendencies.

(4) Micky has several short wrinkles that run outward from the corners of his eyes. This shows that he has a strong sense of humor. He smiles and laughs a great deal.

(5) Micky has a long wrinkle extending under his eye, parallel with it. This shows that he takes a lot of pleasure in physical activities and he likes other people a lot.


Davy Jones

(1) Davy’s nose has a slight inward curve from top to tip. This means that he has a great zest for life and he loves lots of variety from day to day. He doesn’t like to be limited to just a few things.

(2) The bridge of Davy’s nose is wide and remains wide the full length of his nose. This means that he has strong powers of thought and a capacity for serious meditation. It also means that he thinks very logically.

(3) Davy’s upper lid in its normal position covers about a third of the pupil of his eyes. This means that Davy has high powers of mental concentration and reflection. He thinks deeply and has a deep intellect.

(4) When Davy’s eyes are open usually his upper and lower eyelids are close together and they cover the iris a bit at both top and bottom. This means that Davy is able to concentrate and think on individual details and judge each detail by itself.

(5) Davy’s eyes are bright, alert and shiny. This shows that he has a mind that sees things as they actually are, instead of what he’d like them to be. This also indicates that he has a high intelligence.

(6) Davy’s eyebrows are thick and dark and have a slight curve to them. This shows that Davy’s personality is a very energetic one and that normally he sticks to what he starts.

(7) Davy’s lips are full, rounded and firm. This means that Davy is a very loving person.

(8) Davy’s chin is rounded and fairly muscular. This means that he has strong artistic tendencies and lots of appreciation for colorful and creative things. It also indicates reliability.


Mike Nesmith

(1) Mike’s nose is straight and measures about one-third the length of his face. The bridge is of uniform width and his whole nose is well-proportioned. This indicates that Mike has lots of executive ability and lots of energy. He has a courageous approach to mental problems.

(2) Mike’s eyelids are close together and they cover a little of the iris of his eye at top and at bottom. This shows that he concentrates well on small details and is able to judge their worth accurately.

(3) Mike’s eyebrows are made of fine hairs that lie together smoothly. This shows that he has a mild nature and a calm temper.

(4) The line where Mike’s mouth closes is made up of many curves. This shows that Mike has a strong aptitude for dramatics. In the center of Mike’s upper lip there is a downward curve. This shows that he has an understanding nature and is very discreet.

(6) Mike’s chin is well-balanced. It is about one third the length of his face from the bottom of his nose to the bottom of his chin. This shows that he has a firm nature and is not easily persuaded against his will.

(7) Mike has one vertical wrinkle between his eyebrows. This shows that he is very conscientious and precise in whatever he does.

(8) He has a slight indentation in his chin. This is another indication that Mike is very exact in whatever he does.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 44–47