Would U Give My Puppy a Home?

Micky Dolenz, You

Micky Dolenz aska U this very important question becos he must find a home for his adorable little doggie when he’s away someplace. It’s possible U can help!

Micky Dolenz has a problem.

And “YOU” has a problem, too!

You see, “YOU’s” problem is Micky’s problem, because “YOU” is Micky’s pet dog, and you can help solve the whole thing. (Not “YOU,” puppy, but You, Luv.)

Micky, as a very popular Monkee, has to travel a great deal. No sooner did the zany Monkees return from their smesheroo British tour than they had to go out on the road again, and they were also gone away from home throughout the entire month of July. Still more personal appearances are coming up again in their immediate future.

Micky Dolenz

Micky loves “YOU” (and you too, Luv) but it breaks him up to have to leave the precious puppy at the Vet’s while he is away on tour. What he needs desperately is to find somebody groovy and good natured and animal-loving to keep “YOU” safe and warm while he’s away.

Are you the ideal puppy-sitter for “YOU”?

The qualifications and duties are fairly simple, if you’re a forever fan of Micky’s.

Micky Dolenz

First of all, you have to have a place in mind where “YOU” could run and play each day. Next, you must have your parents’ permission to “puppy-sit.” And most important, you must be absolutely sure that you know how to take care of a pet and feed her and love her. If you have other pets around, it’s all to the good, since “YOU” is a friendly pooch and without a single jealous wag in her tail; however, if there are other dogs around, they should be the friendly and non-jealous type also. “YOU” doesn’t like to be growled at. (Would you?).

So if your parents say it’s okay, and if you think you’ve got the proper place in mind and the proper experience, write and tell Micky all.

Micky Dolenz

When Micky has to go away the next time, maybe he’ll take your letter to heart and ask you to help him out. If this should happen, little “YOU” would be put entirely in your care for a specified amount of time. Of course, Micky would pay for the food and expenses you might have, so you don’t need to worry about that. All you would need to worry about would be seeing to it that “You” had a good temporary home while Micky was away on important business.

Pleez fill in the coupon below if you’d be willing to help Micky, and send it in at once. Then watch all future issues of your fave FIFTEEN to follow Micky’s busy schedule and see if he chooses you to “puppy-sit.”

8383 Sunset Strip
Hollywood California 90069

Dear “YOU”:

Micky Dolenz

I’d just love to feed you and love you any time Micky is away. I’m ……. years old, have a nice place in mind where you can run and I know how to take care of pets. Here are 3 reasons why I think I’d be the right “puppy-sitter” for you, YOU:

(1) ____
(2) ____
(3) ____

Magazine: Fifteen
Volume: 12
Issue: 11
Publisher: I.D. Publications, Inc.
Pages: 18–19