My 15 Luv Secrets

Exkloosive Freak-Out Skewp! All Four Monkees Divulge Their Luv Secrets! Remember, U Saw It ONLY In Your Fave FIFTEEN!

Well, it’s like this! You take 150 pounds of lovable humanity, drape it over a strong 5'10" frame, call the result Peter Halsten Thorkelson, or just plain “Tork” for short, and what do you wind up with? Well, I’ll tell you! You just might very well wind up with the next president of the U.S.A.! But even if you don’t, you’ll certainly wind up with just about the grooviest Monkee in captivity! That’s right, luv, Peter “Tork”. Tork! But now let’s get down to the REAL scene. Aside from Peter’s avowed wish to someday become President of the U.S.A., he also is someday destined to fall in love! And just so YOU’LL be the first to know how Peter grooves in Lovesville, your fave FIFTEEN is now going to reveal “Tork’s” 15 love secrets! Are you reddy, luv!

  1. Peter loves girls with lively, searching, outasite minds! He can’t stand dullsville types. He wants to feel energy coming from sharp ideas.

  2. Peter wants you to care about yourself just as much as you want him to care about you! Love begins with loving oneself.

  3. Peter loves speed in all forms, and that “very special girl” is going to have to love speed also.

  4. Peter enjoys being with girls who have come to their own opinions about all matters social, political, moral, and religious. He doesn’t take to the types who have been spoon-fed all their ideas.

  5. Someone with a good sense of humor impresses Peter most. She doesn’t have to be beautiful, just pleasing to look at, and fun to be with.

  6. Peter likes to go walking in the woods, or climbing up mountains with that “very special girl.”

Peter Tork
  1. Peter doesn’t go for those girls who think they have to make their date wait, in order to keep his interest up.

  2. Peter likes make-up on girls, especially groovy eye make-up, but he’ll settle for no make-up at all, if it means his date will be on time!

  3. Peter has learned the love lesson of never being too possessive, and hopes that his dates have learned it also.

  4. Peter’s dream-girl must be capable of seeing herself in the role of first lady of the U.S.A. Because that’s where it’s at!

  5. Peter can’t really swing with a girl who doesn’t have much more going for her than good looks, or who relies too heavily on her good looks. Good looks should only complement the deeper, finer qualities in a person, he feels.

  6. Peter can’t really say how long love lasts, never having been able to outlast it. He feels love is an accumulative sort of thing. He doesn’t see how a person can love at one time, and then all of a sudden NOT love at another time.

  7. Peter feels that love is not just something that happens. Not REAL love, anyway. Love, like other things, has to be practiced in order to be meaningful.

  8. Peter prefers to take his dates to small parties where everybody can get to know and enjoy everybody else. He isn’t inclined much toward loud, impersonal discotheques.

  9. Peter’s greatest wish: To be happy with a girl in a life they have chosen together. (‘Chosen together’ is the important phrase here. - Peter Tork)

Mini-Monkee with giant appeal! That’s Davy Jones! And just how does Davy view life and love? Behind those pixish good looks (those big, make-you-melt brown eyes, and that super-dreemy smile,) Davy is the perfect date! Want to know what makes Davy groove in Love? Take a peek below as your fave FIFTEEN discloses Davy’s 15 love secrets!

  1. Davy likes girls who can appreciate being appreciated. Not those uppity types who let compliments run like water off a duck’s back.

  2. Davy never fails to feel uneasy, and not just a little embarrassed, around those girls who are always trying to stoop down if they happen to be extra tall.

  3. Davy loves starry, moonlit nights just walking along a beach somewhere with a girl who loves to do the same. And let the warm sand ooze between your toes.

  4. Davy can’t stand to be around girls who think there is some sort of relationship between how loud they get, and how right they are…

  5. Davy wants some day to find someone who can learn to love wheat germ, safflower oil, yogurt and honey! All at one sitting!

  6. Davy is determined never to take out a girl the second time, if on the first date she sat way over in the far corner of the front seat.

  7. Davy would like some day to settle down to married life on another planet. But of course, only with a girl from this planet!

Davy Jones
  1. Davy is very suspicious of those girls that Tibsy (his little cat) doesn’t immediately take a liking to. He also worries if the girl doesn’t like Tibsy.

  2. Davy likes Mod clothes on girls, Capris, bell bottoms, and all that, but really blows his mind when he sees a girl dressed in an elegant black gown with pearls and white gloves.

  3. Davy agrees that the only sure way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He once dated a girl who cooked a meal that gave him stomach cramps! Never again!

  4. Davy thinks that quantity dating is no substitute for quality dating. He enjoys girls who are always right on top of everything, not just sugar-sweet types.

  5. Davy is, in truth, a bit shy. As a result he has always felt that it is much better to sit and watch the girls go by, rather than to go by, and watch THEM just sit!

  6. Davy would love to meet a broad-minded girl who, aside from being gone on rock ’n’ roll, also appreciates good Broadway Show Music.

  7. Davy doesn’t care too much for double-dating, because it always seems that the two girls have signed some sort of secret pact together.

  8. Davy will most likely one day marry one of his fans because, as he says, fans are the ones who are drawn to you for what you really are! So there’s hope, luv! Real hope!

Love Micky Dolenz and you just HAVTA love life. Because that’s just whereitsat with Micky! Everything’s ALIVE. And not just alive, but GROOVIN’ too! You think that irresistable [sic] grin, those flashing brown eyes, and that 135 pounds of ever-constant poetry-in-motion is something Micky just turns on for the TV cameras? Not on your life! And not on Micky’s life either! You want to know what makes Mick tick, click, rock, groove, and do the boogaloo? Or even better than all that, do you want to get IN on one of the greatest scoops ever? That’s right, luv! Your fave FIFTEEN now divulges Micky Dolenz’s 15 most closely guarded LOVE SECRETS!

  1. Micky loves girls with wild imaginations. No, that’s not quite right! He can ONLY love girls with wild imaginations. Others, stay clear!

  2. Micky wants desperately to find a girl who can play the Australian zimbong! If not that, then at least a girl who can hum that old favorite and real shocker, The Wall Socket Jump.

  3. Micky enjoys girls with athletic abilities. For example, girls who are good at gymnastics, and other forms of body control.

  4. Micky can’t ever get serious over anyone who doesn’t like to read.

  5. Having once had a terrible inferiority complex, Micky now likes to show others that the only way they can really fall in love is to first love themselves.

  6. Micky becomes easily upset at the prospect of someday falling in love with a girl who doesn’t like, or can’t cook, Zucchini! (That is the truth! He must find a girl who can cook!)

  7. Micky is not much of a fan of girls’ make-up kits. He especially doesn’t dig hair-spray. He doesn’t like to run his fingers through a girl’s hair only to get his fingers stuck!

  8. Micky would prefer not to have to listen to a girl run on and on about how life is only full of problems. He thinks life is what you make of it. So why make it a problem?

  9. Micky loves to take dates on moonlight cruises, whether it be around the Island of Manhattan, San Francisco Bay, or Catalina…

  10. Micky is wild about miniskirts! He’s even wilder about microskirts. But those should be worn with colored tights under them, and should give off some wild psychedelic design.

  11. Micky claims to have once dated a girl who was a professional trapeze artist, but regrets that for some reason they could never swing together. (Only a joke. Don’t take it seriously. - Micky)

  12. Micky demands fidelity from whomever he becomes serious about. He admits to a strong jealous streak.

  13. Micky loves girl who can laugh easily, cry easily, and use their heads without the lines of stress being too apparent.

  14. Micky would prefer that his date, whoever she may be, look like a wood nymph. Wood nymphs are a groove!

  15. Micky wants whoever loves him to love everything else. That is, to love life in general, the birds, trees, flowers. Love everything nature creates. (True, true, true! - Micky.)

Well, let’s put it like this. If a pecan had a problem, where would it go for help? That’s right! It’d go to another nut! And likewise, if you wanted to hear some love secrets, where would you go? Right again! You’d go to a MONKEE! And that, luv, is EXACTLY what your fave fifteen mag has done! Here, JUST for YOU, are no less than 15 dreamy outasite love secrets by none other than jolly giant-Monkee Mike Nesmith! What are the deep, personal feelings that take place behind Mike’s smouldering good looks (those hyponotic [sic] brown eyes, and that warm and friendly Texas drawl)? Well, just cast an eye and an ear below as your fave FIFTEEN lists Mike’s 15 love secrets!

  1. Mike never could go for girls who tried to pass off their sloppiness, both in dress and personality, as being due to an artistic temperament.

  2. Mike loves mini-skirts. Especially those that are his favorite color, green. And oh yes, white high-heels are a must!!

  3. Mike thinks versatility is a must. Nothing is more scary than to imagine oneself married twenty years to someone who only wants to do one or two different things.

  4. Mike never could stand name-droppers. Especially those who CASUALLY drop the name of some famous star that even Mike hasn’t been lucky enough to meet…

  5. Mike loves to please the ones he loves. He can even enjoy window shopping, or looking for furniture, if that’s what the other person likes.

  6. Mike wants someday to contrive a whole new language, a new alphabet and all. He thinks misunderstandings are the result of poor communication, and thus wants to solve that problem with a new language.

  7. Mike thinks nothing is more exciting than ripping along Oceanside Highway with a loved in his British Radford Mini-Cooper.

  8. Mike’s wife will never be a golf widow, or a hunting and fishing widow either. He would rather be with her while doing those things, than to be with “the boys.”

  9. Mike, enjoys candle-light dinners at home even more than candle-light dinners at some expensive restaurant

  10. Mike wonders why so many women spend so much time in front of the mirror with so little result?

  11. Mike was never really an eager beaver on the first date, but always did expect a good good-night kiss.

  12. Mike always thought it was a groove to take that very special girl and wander through the dark hallways of some old, deserted, and supposedly haunted, two or three story house.

  13. Mike always used to get a kick out of taking dates on very long drives, only to begin worrying out loud later in the evening that there probably wasn’t enough gas to get back home.

  14. Mike thinks that the mark of maturity in love is when finally one wants to make the other person happy, even if that means being a little unhappy yourself.

  15. Mike wants and will always love Phyllis, and of course the most beautiful baby in the world, Christian Du Val Nesmith.

Magazine: Fifteen
Volume: 12
Issue: 11
Publisher: I.D. Publications, Inc.
Pages: 31, 36–37, 46