Plea for Peace—Please Don’t Compare The Beatles and The Monkees

(EDITOR’S NOTE) Just as fast as a new group makes the scene, over-anxious fans get busy with the praises and the cuts, and pretty soon the competition really gets to be a hassle. Certainly, this is the case with The Beatles and the Monkees today. The competition has become so intense that thoughtful fans everywhere are pleading for it to end. They say that each group is unique in all ways—music, dress, acting and personality. They want the whole business to stop and just enjoy The Beatles and the Monkees as they are. For the first time anywhere Fave presents the views of these serious fans of the all-time fave groups—Beatles and Monkees. We want to hear your comments on this, too, so please address your letters to PLEA FOR PEACE, c/o Fave, 1800 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 90028.

To people who compare the Monkees with the Beatles—they are both two wonderful, magnificent and unbeatable groups, completely different. If there is anyone who doubts this they should:

1) Listen to the music of both groups; 2) Find out how each group got started; 3) Check out their backgrounds. The Beatles all came from England. The Monkees are a combination of English, Texas, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, California; 4) Really ask themselves, “Do the Monkees look like the Beatles?”; 5) Finally, they should ask, “Do the Monkees have the group experience the Beatles have?”

Note to Fave: To answer your questions at the end of your article (September issue), “Are the Beatles Really Through?” I think “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” is unique, and I sure do go for it! I’m not sure who they play for, but I’m listening! In my opinion, with such a groovy original album, it should definitely help them.

On the Monkees’ new album, I think that they try to please everyone and do a very good job of keeping our attention. I’m digging it.

Edith Jackson
Lafayette, Ind.

I recently saw The Beatles’ first movie, “Hard Days Night” again. The Monkees’ TV show was modeled after it. It had “romps” just like “The Monkees”, and at the end there were even pictures flashed, one at a time, of each Beatle. But let me tell you one thing. During the “romps” especially, The Beatles couldn’t hold a candle against the Monkees for comedy. The Monkees are three times as funny. They’re better actors, too.

Debbie McClinton
Orange, Calif.

The Beatles started a trend. Every group tried to look like them. They had to change! They had to be different!

Jane Laughlin
Racine, Wisc.

The Monkees are very much individuals; The Beatles are very much a group. Let’s have more on Monkees and Beatles together.

A Beatle-Monkee Fan
Aurora, Illinois

The Beatles’ music has matured and is becoming better and better all the time. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band proved it. It’s just a masterpiece… I don’t think the Monkees are a brilliant group, but their music is enjoyable and fun to listen to.

New York, N.Y.

How come you’re comparing the Monkees to The Beatles? Why not compare Raiders vs. Beatles, or Beatles vs. Herman’s Hermits? Why always Beatles vs. Monkees? Did you ever think that each group is an individual group rather than a carbon copy of the Beatles?

In my opinion The Beatles are taking themselves out of the “group” category and into the older one of orchestras and symphonies. The Monkees have songs which have meanings, for Pete’s sake. Their songs express every young person’s desire TO BE FREE! The Beatles never had meanings. They were mostly love songs. (I must admit that the Monkees do have quite a few love songs.)

You can see the Monkees once a week on TV, but you only see The Beatles maybe five times in a lifetime. You can see the Monkees on stage, too. The Beatles will not be making any more group appearances in North America. So stop fighting which group is the greatest. Let everyone make up his own mind.

Loyal Monkee Fan
Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

You can’t really compare The Beatles’ music to other groups like the Monkees because The Beatles have had four years to mature their music, and the Monkees are still young. The Beatles’ music is more complicated and different than the Monkees’.

Longfellow, Mass.

The Beatles are musical geniuses. That is a fact no one can deny and the world will NEVER see the likes of them again. But their new music is so sad. In this world of constant trouble we need music that gives us a lift. I love “Headquarters”. The Monkees are getting things across to us while still keeping the music at a normal, happy gait.

In my estimation The Beatles are dead. They live only in my precious memories of the four most darling boys who ever lived standing in front of me on the stage, less than a year ago, playing “Long, Tall Sally”, their young radiant faces beaming with the enthusiasm and joy of youth. This is the way I want to remember them—the way they broke the barrier of all talent in the world.

Memphis, Tenn.

The Beatles cut their first hit record way back in 1962 and they’re still going strong. How can anyone compare them to the Monkees? I’ll have to wait a few years before I’ll even consider that as a comparison.

A True Fan

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 32–33