Peter’s Dream Girl

If you have wondered just what qualities the blond Monkee hopes to find in his dream girl, read this! And don’t be surprised to find that Peter prefers honesty and sincerity to stunning beauty in the girl he dreams about.

If Peter can meet a girl who is completely honest and sincere in her approach toward life, herself and others, she’s passed the first, most important test. He values these qualities above all others.

Peter’s a thinker and a talker. Certain subjects are very deep and interesting to him, so naturally he wants his girl to share them, to learn and to grow. along with him.

Right now, he’s learning all he can about East Indian cultures and religion. He feels these people have some beautiful ideas about life and peace, and the only real way to learn and understand it all is to talk about it with someone close to him. So, intelligence and a curious mind are two of the qualities that his dream girl just must have.

People tend to go one of two ways. Some are attracted to their opposites, but Peter happens to enjoy a girl who shares his tastes and interests—his way of life. So, his dream girl is kind of kookie, you might say. He used to dig being with the girls that hung around the Village back in New York because he could really talk with them.

Another thing, the girl he dreams about is an individual who isn’t afraid to stick to her beliefs even when she’s outnumbered. But she should stick to them in a quiet, peaceful way, you know? He gets turned off when this quality becomes stubbornness, because she must have an open mind and be willing to learn. And he likes an active imagination—a girl who can really shake him up with new ideas.

Of course, since music is such an enormous part of Peter’s life, his dream girl is just going to have to love it, too. But then, most people do. Everybody needs music, right? He pictures her maybe singing folk songs or accompanying him on the guitar. Or, better yet, he can hear them singing together, with her strumming the guitar and Pete twanging the banjo. Would you believe TOGETHERNESS?

And if it’s possible to find a girl in this way-out world of rock and folk music who also enjoys the classical tunes—well, that would be happiness unlimited!

Pete also feels it’s really living when you and the person you love can do all sorts of different things together—really groove with each other and other people. It can get draggy when you’re just cooped up with each other and don’t realize that there are ten trillion and three other people out there, all unique, with something beautiful to offer. It would be all the more fun for Peter if his dream girl wants to share the whole world with him.

So, a typical evening with his girl would probably be spent in some out-of-the-way coffee house, because friends, music and conversation are all combined there and he really feels at home. Or, it could be a quiet evening at his house, with candles glowing for a little atmosphere, records on the stereo and a few people sitting around talking. That’s our peaceful, people-loving Pete!

Also, a sense of humor is a necessity! He prefers a quiet kind, a girl who can say something and, suddenly, it hits home in a meaningful, funny way.

One more quality that’s really important to the talented Monkee. His dream girl has insight, not just into the world and people and all that, but into him. She knows when he wants to be with her, when he wants to be alone—she just knows his moods and respects them. He feels that when you share this kind of understanding and respect, that’s love… when you are able to just speak through your eyes and your thoughts.

So, to sum it all up, Pete’s looking for a kookie girl who is honest and creative and who has a curious mind.

Is he asking too much? Of course not, because everybody has an image of what they want in the person they plan to spend forever and eight days with. Maybe she won’t fit the description exactly because when he falls in love with her, it’ll just happen, like “Whoosh… Hey, Tork, you’re in love!” And he’s not going to stop and make a list of her qualities. He’ll just love her!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 17