Mighty Micky

Micky Dolenz

Mighty Micky has so many talents that he’s always on the run finding time to keep up with all his hobbies. For awhile the fabulous Monkee really grooved on making things with wire. It’s called wire sculpture, and he did some fantastic things with his artistic hands. Micky is a keen photo hobbyist too and keeps his camera busy at every spare moment. Now he has installed a wood lathe in his home high in the Hollywood Hills and turns out beautiful wooden candlesticks. At least four feet high, they are in just now for home decorating, so he could turn his hobby into a successful business if he wished. But knowing Micky that would spoil the fun of crafting. While it isn’t his latest hobby, this great guy digs one of the oldest crafts known in North America—Indian bead work. As you would expect, Micky has also set up a loom in his house, and whenever possible, his hands fly, turning out beautiful headbands for his friends and kin. You probably already know that his sister Coco so admired the headband he wore to the Monterey Pop Festival that he gave it to her on the spot. And that’s not all! Micky strings some of the most beautiful strands of Indian beads ever seen. A craft as old as the American Indians themselves, Micky respects it and in working with them gives the beadwork his very best artistic talent. If it were possible to add an hour or two to each day you can bet that Micky would fill them with more fun things.

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Mary Jo Clements
Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 34–35