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NANCY SINATRA has been signed to star with ELVIS PRESLEY in MGM’s “Speedway,” pairing two of the world’s most popular singers in the new romantic musical. In her role as a U.S. Internal Revenue agent, Nancy will sing several songs with Elvis. “Speedway” marks her sixth and most important motion picture role. She was previously seen in MGM’s “Get Yourself A College Girl” and the recent hit, “The Wild Angels.”

Not long ago, THE BLUE MAGOOS held a press conference for high school newspaper reporters in Louisville, Ky. It was there that the enormously successful Mercury Records group came up with what probably is the best . . . and most easily understood . . . definition of their complicated and unconventional brand of music. “What we want is complete musical freedom,” RONNIE MAGOO, the quintet’s bass guitarist, told the throng of scholastic reporters. “We’d like to present our music in just the fashion that we see fit.” And so they DO!

Special Scoop: THE MONKEES have some of the oddest hates! F’rinstance . . . MIKY can’t stand swimming holes, MIKE’s completely turned off by filter cigarettes, PETER can’t stand starving and DAVY hates hatred!

YALE SUMMERS and his longtime girlfriend, SUZIE RIED, have called it day. Yale, however, didn’t wait long to start playing the dating game again. There’s MARLO THOMAS . . . and there’s MELODY PATTERSON . . . and there’s FRANK SINATRA, JR.’s press-agent, JOYCE BECKER. Well, they say all good things happen in three! And these three are lovelies . . . to say the least!!!

Happy to report that THE LEFT BANKE personnel hassle is all straight . . . and that this group is back together again.

JANET LENNON, the youngest of the singing LENNON SISTERS of ABC-TV’s “The LAWRENCE WELK Show,” and her husband, LEE BERNHARDI, became parents of their first child, William Joseph, born at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. William Joseph weighed in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces. Janet’s husband is a stage manager for ABC-TV in Hollywood.

LESLEY GORE, who just finished the semester at Sarah Lawrence College, in Bronxville, New York, had to turn down a fine slot in a pilot film being prepared by a national syndicator with the cooperation of a major Hollywood production crew. La Gore was too busy with summer stock, playing a lead role in a summer company of “Half A Sixpence.”

Blonde TINA COLE has been cast as Katie, the bride son Robbie will bring into the all-male household when “My Three Sons” returns to the CBS-TV Network in the fall for its eighth season. In a highlight of the upcoming season, Robbie (DON GRADY) will marry Katie and move her into the family headed by widower Steve Douglas, played by series star FRED MacMURRAY.

Note how the male coiffures of Rock Acts are going back to the shorter cut, better-groomed look. Do you think THE ROLLING STONES, especially MICK JAGGER, will conform? He cut his hair once, but it’s long again.

Special Scoop: How does your dog like listening to THE BEATLES’ “Sgt. Pepper?” Strange question, you think? Not so. You think there’s complete silence for a few seconds at the end of “A Day in the Life.” But that’s only for human ears. There’s actually a continuation of sound that can be heard by dogs! So again, how does your dog like it? Woof.

Didja know that H.P. LOVECRAFT, the new Philips Records’ group, got their name from a very


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