Peter and the Wolf

This handsome head has attracted many a girl! Does he do it purposely or is it just his irresistible charming ways?!

Watch out! Don’t fall into his trap! Peter can be dangerous—as well as delicious!

What do you think of when you think of Peter Tork? A quiet young man who smiles a lot and thinks even more? A talented young man who had the odd habit of wearing two different colored socks? A dreamy-looking young man whose dimples make your heart absolutely flip over three times a minute? Perhaps you think of all of those things. But did you over think of Peter as a wolf, a lady-killer, a real love-’em-and-leave-’em guy? Probably not—but if you give it some real thought…

Peter readily admits that he just loves girls, all shapes, all sizes, all kinds. When fans come to The Monkee set, they almost always seek out Peter. And he’s right there with a ready smile and sometimes even a quick kiss!

Peter has a special fondness for poetry and the more romantic the poetry, the more he loves it! He’s even taken to writing his own… on the back of Monkee scripts, on pieces of scrap paper, on anything that will take writing. The important question to ask is, of course, what does he do with them after they’re written? Who does he give them to?

Well, Peter’s been romantically linked with an awful lot of girls, most recently, Leah Cohen. He’s been seen in New York’s Greenwich Village with long-haired beauties on his arm, in Hollywood’s most elegant restaurants with long-haired beauties at his side. In fact, no matter where he goes or what he does, he usually has a girl along to do it with him! And, lately, since he’s seemed to have stopped “steadying” with Leah, it’s been a lot of different girls! Peter’s definitely enjoying playing the field!

Will Peter marry soon? Well, he was married once, when he was younger. But it didn’t work out. He may not be too eager to marry again—especially since a step like that will put a complete stop to his girl-gazing, girl-dating and girl-getting-arounding!

Is Peter Tork a wolf? Well, we can’t say for sure. But we can say one thing… if he is, at least he’s not the big bad kind!

Magazine: Teen World
Page: 11