Music, Flowers and Love: The Monterey Pop Festival

Here are the behind the scenes happenings you never thought you’d see…

(Story and Photos by Ann Moses)

Music, Flowers and Love (and not necessarily in that order) is a most accurate description of the greatest gathering of pop artists assembled in Monterey last June. The variety and quality of the acts on stage were flawless. Here’s what went on . . . backstage and behind-the-scenes.

Everyone buzzed about the Beatles making an appearance—some said they came, some said they didn’t—I don’t know . . . Micky Dolenz ran around in his Indian headress [sic] . . . Brain Jones was a continual topic because of his outasite pink and white flowing robe . . . Jimi Hendrix lived up to his reputation; and set his guitar on fire at the end of his act . . . The Who had the crowd standing on their chairs cheering for more . . .

Genie The Tailor talked to everyone . . . Papa Denny didn’t show up until Sunday night . . . Simon and Garfunkel got an encore Friday night . . . Peter Tork introduced Lou Rawls and the Buffalo Springfield.

Everyone flipped for Ravi Shankar . . . Jefferson Airplane did their best show ever . . . the light shows were expertly done by Headlights . . . Mike Bloomfield and his band got a standing ovation . . . Paul Simon introduced the Mamas and Papas . . . Roger (formerly Jim) McGuinn came with his wife and baby . . . Phil, Drake and Smitty were there . . .

Neil Young, who used to be in the Buffalo Springfield, was missed . . . Micky Dolenz acted as stage hand to help Lou Adler during some of the shows . . . Big Brother and the Holding Company did two fantastic shows . . . Otis Redding brought down the house on Saturday night . . . Performers and audience alike couldn’t believe how great the British artists dressed . . .

Noel, Mitch and Jimi of the Experience were constantly being complimented on their freaky, fab clothes . . . Peter played his banjo backstage for a few people . . . there were absolutely no unlawful incidents—outasite . . . Peter kept saying “I sure wish Jimi Hendrix could join us on our tour. It would be groovy!” (a week later it was announced that he would be on the entire Monkee tour) . . . Scott McKenzie was so groovy on stage and so, so friendly off . . .

Thanks (to Derek and the rest of you) for the love, the flowers, the unbelievable music!

  • Peter Tork
    Info Peter introduced two acts and told kids outside the Beatles weren’t there.
    Credit: Ann Moses
  • Russ Giguere, Peter Tork
    Info Russ of the Association and Peter Tork check out Big Brother on stage.
    Credit: Ann Moses
  • David Crosby, Peter Tork
    Info Peter talks with David Crosby. Performers had a private club backstage.
    Credit: Ann Moses

Brian Jones introduced Jimi Hendrix as “the greatest guitarist I’ve ever seen.” Chad and Jill Stuart, below were there digging Ravi Shankar.

Papa Denny Doherty on stage.

Many artists turned cameramen off-stage like Paul Simon below.

Smitty and his wife, Susan loved the Festival. Phil and Drake came too.

David Crosby played with the Buffalo Springfield. They were outasite!

The Byrds’ show was the greatest ever!

Phil Volk watched the Moby Grape wail on stage.

Brian’s clothes were really groovy. He wore his cape all three days.

Chris Hillman (left) and Steve Stills (right) are seen in the audience. below, Ravi Shankar on stage and (right) Tommy Smothers introduced many of the acts who appeared on Sunday.

Mama Cass and Lee Keifer flipped for the Miller Blues Band on Saturday afternoon. Below, Jimi Hendrix put on the wildest show ever! His costume was outasite!

Paul Kantner and Genie The Tailor—just two of the famous faces.

Keith Moon of the Who was fantastic!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 10–13