Marvy Monkee Poems

Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz

The Monkees get zillions of poems from their fans, so one day they called us with a super-groovy idea—they wanted to share some of their favorite verses with you! We thought it was a groovy idea, too, until we found out how many favorites they had! When the Monkees brought their poems to the TiGER BEAT offices there were enough to fill at least two books! Since we don’t have room to print books, we asked the fab four to pick out their favorite-favorites. Well, here they are. Hope you like!

I think about him night and day,
  even though he’s far away.
There’s something about him I can’t resist
  though he doesn’t know that I even exist.
I know I’ll never meet him,
  and he’ll never know how I feel;
Yet I seem to love him more each day,
  but to him it will never reveal.
Even if he met me,
  and saw what I was going through,
Even if I did meet him,
  I’d still feel lonely and blue.
For I’d still be to him insignificant,
  and he’d never again be in reach,
To me he means the world,
  but to him I’m a pebble on a beach.

By a very loyal fan of Micky

The Monkees make sounds of their own
  Now you can’t tell me they’re unknown,
The music they make is really new
  When you hear it you won’t feel blue,
The songs they sing are really “in”
  Stick with them and you’ll always win!

Margaret, Goo-Goo, Miller
Jersey City, New Jersey

There’s a group hanging ’round
  who really are gear!
They’re four groovy fellas
  who’re super and dear!
They swing and they sing
  and really do go,
And if something’s happening
  they already know!
The guy I dig most
  is Davy, of course,
That guy really grooves—
  he’s like “Wow!” on a horse!
Then next there’s cool Micky,
  he’s really a clown,
But that’s one guy I’m sure
  would never put you down!
And, of course, tough Mike,
  he can really write tunes,
And the way that he sings ’em
  makes all the girls swoon!
A blond doll, that’s Peter
  Who plays most everything,
But there’s one thing wrong
  we never hear him sing!
So roll over Beatles!!!
  the Monkees are here!
Dave, Mick, Mike and Peter
  you really are gear!

Debbie Rose
Grandville, Michigan

Peter Tork

Peter with his hair so long
  happiness in will so strong,
Always ready to give a smile
  ready to talk and laugh awhile,
Eyes so playful, ready for fun
  making jokes, hearts of people won.
Fans in crowds gathered around
  happiness in presence found,
Clothes so mod, really “in”
  teenage idol found again.

K. White
Long Beach, California

Monkees are wonderful
  Monkees are sweet,
Monkees are lovable
  Monkees are neat.
When the Monkees sing
  they make you glad;
They make your heart swing
  so all other music seems bad.
If I saw the Monkees
  my heart would freeze.
Monkees are wonderful
  Monkees are sweet,
Monkees are lovable
  Monkees are neat.

Jill Johnson
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Micky Dolenz

Your happy eyes
  and adorable hair,
Make distant miles
  too much to bear.
Your style and rhythm
  to see and hear
Make me wish
  that you were near.
Your liveliness and cheerful smile
  always cause me
To see how wonderful
  life with you could be.
Micky, this is the way
  I’ll always feel,
When I think of you
  life becomes real.

Linda Nolan
Salem, Massachusetts

California has a little group
  their hair is long and straight,
And everywhere that they appear
  the girls are sure to faint.
They flew from California here one day
  to everyone’s great dismay
It made our girls just scream and squeal
  To hear them strum and play.
Hey, hey for the Monkees!

Cindy Cockayne
Dayton, Ohio

Davy Jones

A certain somebody rests in my heart,
  a special place I’ve set apart;
I love him so I often cry,
  ”How I wish that he were mine!”
Strong in stature, short in height
  how I wish to hold him tight,
Davy will always be for me,
  and maybe someday his wife I’ll be.

Patty Schweitzer
New York City, New York

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 40–41