Truth About The Monkees… By The Monkees Themselves



Rumor: The Monkees hate touring! They just want to do the show and get it over with!

MIKE: Why, y’all mustn’t listen to those nasty things. That’s my buddy Peter and I arriving in one of the many cities we’ve toured—and Peter sure looks mighty proud to me! Hate touring? No! It’s tiring but we manage to have a lot of fun!

Rumor: Micky has a terrible acne condition, his face is full of pock marks and the makeup people have to spend hours trying to cover it up!

MICKY: I’m gonna live dangerously and let my friend Davy answer that one.

DAVY: Are you saying something nasty about my friend Micky’s silky skin? Now, if you said he was ugly—well! But really his skin is smooth and he does not have acne. I know, I asked his dermatologist (between you and me I think that means skin doctor!).

Rumor: Micky has been dating British pop singer Samantha Juste and is planning to marry her!

MICKY: I met Sammy when I was in London and I did date her. But marriage—not me! Not right now, anyway. No, I’m not going to marry Sammy, or anybody—yet. I haven’t got time to rest let alone marry.

Rumor: Micky has a real live monkey which he keeps in his home as a pet!

MICKY: Nope! That lovely little monkey you see is a stuffed one which we have on the set. Come to think of it, it would be a groove to have a real monkey as a pet!

Rumor: Davy is a snob! He’ll never have anything to do with anyone, not even show business people.

DAVY: Here I am with Sally Fields and Gary Lewis at an affair we attended recently. Actually, I luv people whether they’re in show business or not. If we like each other then I luv to be with them.

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