Their Very First Press Conference (Part 2)

Micky Dolenz
Info Micky obviously got a big kick out of this sign!

In the huge Buckingham Suite of Kensington’s Royal Garden Hotel THE MONKEES held their first ever Press Conference when they visited London for their series of Wembley concerts. Every word spoken by Micky, Davy, Peter and Mike as they faced a battery of questions from 300 reporters and magazine writers was recorded for THE MONKEES BOOK. This month you can read the second and final section of the Press Conference questions and answers.

Q.: I understand, Davy, that you have been called up. Is that right?

DAVY: Yes, I got my classification papers and I am appealing, I will be classified 3A, I think. I’m not sure. I really don’t know any more than you do about it.

Q.: Have you had your medical test yet?

DAVY: No. If you have your medical test you’re in the army!

Q.: Davy, do you have an independent record label?

DAVY: Yes. At the moment it’s owned by Davy Jones Enterprises but it doesn’t have a label yet. I intend to record new talent. I’ve already had a group of Texans called The Children in the studio.

Q.: Some of the Beatles have admitted taking L.S.D….

MICKY: (Breaking in) Ah! There it is! That one we were waiting for!

Q.: (Continuing) …also two of the Rolling Stones who are on drug charges claim drugs help them in their work. Do you think it is necessary for pop groups to take drugs?

MICKY: Do you like The Beatles’ album?

Q.: Yes.

MICKY: Well?

Q.: But do you think it’s necessary?

MICKY: No. I drink coffee. That’s about the worst drug I take.

PETER: I took asprin [sic] once. It destroyed my head and it provided me with a lot of inspiration. I’m gonna write a song.

MIKE: I have a real problem. I get high on one-a-day vitamins. Anything else really wastes me.

MICKY: I drink chlorine with…

DAVY: (Breaking in) Ex-Lax does it to me. It keeps me going all the time. No? O.K.!

MICKY: I don’t think anybody needs any- thing. It’s just whatever is right for whoever is involved.

Q.: I’ve heard it said, Mike, that you’re difficult to get on with. Would you agree with this?

MIKE: Yes.

Q.: Why?

DAVY: Nobody’s been able to ask him enough questions to find out!

Q.: Is it something you act or do you really hate people?

MIKE: Well, it really depends on you doesn’t it.

Q.: Well, I’m very likeable!!!

MIKE: Then I’d probably get along with you famously!!!

Q.: I’d like to ask Davy what he thinks of the re-release of his old album.

DAVY: Oh, yes. Nice, isn’t it. Lovely isn’t it. My father likes it. And my sisters. And Micky likes it too because we’re friends. I don’t particularly like it. I tried to stop it coming out because I thought it was a bad album.

PETER: Micky likes it because he wants to put an album out himself!

Q.: Have you any plans to grow any facial hair in the near future?

PETER: I can’t stop myself!!! Mike’s got boards there as you call them here. I’d like to grow a beard one of these years.

MICKY: We can’t. The Beatles did it already.

PETER: We’d be accused of imitating. Ha! Ha!

Q.: Is there any chance of you going to Belgium or Holland in the near future?

PETER: There’s a chance of anything, you know, really.

Q.: Talking about the Beatles. What is your personal relationship, your artistic relationship to them?

MICKY: I like them very, very, very, very much.

PETER: I don’t know them yet at all.

MIKE: Artistically we all feel the same way about them.

PETER: Except Davy who doesn’t understand their new album!

Q.: Mike, is your wife with you this time?

MIKE: No (Editor’s note: Mike’s wife flew into London to join him three days later).

Q.: Do the rest of the group think it’s a good thing for you to take your wife on tours?

MIKE: Well, it’s kinda dangerous.

Q.: Why?

MIKE: I’ll let you figure that out!

Q.: First of all nobody’s said “welcome to London”…

MONKEES (Together): Thank you. Thank you very much. We’re glad to be here.

PETER: And welcome to the Press Conference, sir!

Q. (Continuing):… We’ve had three of you over here before and we’re very glad that you came. Thank you for your co-operation. Peter, you’re here for the first time and we hope you like it. Is there any folk singer that you would like to see in this country? I know you’re very keen on folk.

PETER: All of them.

Q.: Davy, there have been reports that you’re unhappy about being a Monkee, that you’re restless and that you feel you could now afford to go solo. Have you any plans to do that this year?

DAVY: No I don’t. I might as well clear it up now by saying I am not leaving The Monkees and I’ll be with them as long as they’re Monkees.

Q.: Peter, how’s your French?

PETER: Is that your question? It’s pretty bad. Not your question. My French.

Q. (Continuing): I learn from Paris that some of you designed some clothes. Do you all design your own clothes or just Micky?

MICKY: I just designed my first clothes about two weeks ago and I haven’t worn them. I don’t do a whole lot of that.

PETER: I designed one clothe!

Q.: You get a weekly salary. Could you tell us how much after everybody has taken a cut?

PETER: We get a salary for doing the TV show and we get residuals from the TV show when it’s played again and record royalties, money from concerts and so on. It all comes to us in different forms through different organisations and only my book-keeper knows for sure how much I get.

Q.: You think it’s quite reasonable anyway?

PETER: Well, you know, it could be less and it could be more!

Q.: You don’t think you’re being bled?

PETER: No, Do you?

Q.: Davy, how long were you playing in “Oliver!”?

DAVY: In London in the West End at the New Theatre for 7 months. I spent three years on Broadway and then I did 4 months on the road. Then I went to Hollywood and met The Monkees.


[Scans by This Lovin’ Time]

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 8
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 5–6