Top Secret: Sneak Prevue of The Monkees’ Ten Best TV Romps for the Coming Season

What zany antics will the Monkees be up to next year on TV? Nobody knows—except for some super execs up at NBC-TV and your secret HULLABALOO agent. Your fave mag has cracked the silence surrounding the fab four.

When the last TV season ended, all the critics (a critic is anyone over 25 with an opinion) said the Monkees couldn’t do it again. They said that Davy, Micky, Peter, and Mike couldn’t be that good twice in a row. Sure, they admitted the Monkees brought something bright to the dull boob tube—but sooner or later, they would run out of ideas and good story lines.

Well, now HULLABALOO has let the cat out of the bag. We got a sneak preview of ten Monkee episodes for the coming season and, believe us, if you think they exploded all over the screen last year, wait until you see the KERBOOM! they’re going to make this fall.

Monkee Madness will be as rampant as ever. As usual, you never know what Davy or Peter or Micky or Mike will do next. Not even their director always knows. They just do whatever groovy thing comes into their heads and it always works because they’re super.

Don’t worry, the Monkees haven’t done a flip-flop like the wacky Smothers Brothers did last year in going from a situation comedy to a variety show. Familiarity breeds contentment, and the Monkee format will remain the same. The secret of their success is that they spoof the standard stories that all the other shows take seriously. They turn the adult world topsy-turvy in some of the wildest romps ever seen on TV in the coming season.

You don’t believe that life can be that good to you? Well, this Sneak Preview, courtesy of HULLABALOO, will teach you to keep the Monkee faith, baby:

Peter goes ape over an antique harp that’s got the grooviest sound this side of Fender. The only way he can get it is by entering into a contract with the Devil. Unless Mike, Micky, and Davy can figure out a way to break the contract, Peter will be in for a very hot time at the hands of the jolly Red Demon.

The outer-space creatures are outasite when they decide to capture Micky. They make a look-alike robot and send it back to the Monkee pad to gather information about earth people so that they can conquer the world. Mike, Peter, and Davy are fooled for a while, even though the bogus Micky’s feet are on backwards. They think Micky’s having a personal problem, so they considerately avoid mentioning the errant tootsies. However, they suspect something when the machined Micky falls in love with a refrigerator!

When Peter decides he wants to be a painter, the colors really fly. Instead of going to an art school, Peter takes his paints and canvasses directly to the museum to copy the works of the great masters, A bad guy tricks Peter into helping him forge famous art works and then frames the artist instead of the pictures. As usual, Peter’s three pals don’t leave him hanging.

The Monkees decide that adults have been botching up the world long enough and decide that Micky is the lamb they will send into the political arena to set things straight. Micky runs for mayor, and the Monkees conduct the wildest campaign since Lyndon Johnson ran for monitor of his nursery-school class.

The Alliance for Progress will regress a bit after the Monkees foray across the border into old Mexico. They are captured by a Mexican bandit chieftain who makes things hotter than chili peppers for the Monkees.

Some beachniks kick sand in the Monkees’ faces and the boys go on a muscle-building campaign to teach the rowdies a lesson.

Old McDonald had an Arab—and the Monkees are off on an Arabian romp that will have you spitting sand out of your mouth for weeks.

Some hippies gone straight persuade the Monkees to film a movie try-out. It’s a bank-robbing bit—but it becomes a bit too much when the Monkees learn they’ve been tricked into really robbing a bank.

When the Monkees go island-hopping, it’s only because they’ve got to keep moving or get shot. Desert islands are nice, if you’re not stranded on them with a mad hunter.

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This is such a super-special shindig that we had to promise to keep this one top secret or we couldn’t preview the other nine.

Magazine: Hullabaloo
Editor: Gerald Rothberg
Volume: 2
Issue: 5
Publisher: YAM Publications, Inc.
Pages: 20–25