Most Spectacular Monkee Contest Ever

Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith

Dynamite prizes
Easy to win

First Prize—The brand new Summit Electric Autoharp, Lancer (mono) model—the fabulous instrument used by the Critters and other pop rock groups.

Second Prize, 5 transistor radios to fit your pocket and your needs… to play the grooviest music in town.

Third Prize, 25 new Monkee albums.

Fourth Prize, 25 new Monkee singles.

Fifth Prize, 25 giant Monkee posters with your name printed on it.

It’s time to get back into the school groove. Here’s a quiz for all of you who have been flaking off on your Monkee homework over the summer. If you come up with the right answers, you’ll be eligible for a drawing for some fab prizes listed on this page. Here’s how the contest quiz works. For each item on the test, there are a number of answers provided, only one of which is correct. Your job is to enter the number of the correct answer in the blank space to the right of each question. You’re right, it’s the old multiple-choice bit.

You may enter as many times as you wish, but YOU MUST USE THE ENTIRE CONTEST PAGE FROM THE MAGAZINE FOR EACH ENTRY. All entries that come in on any other paper will be disqualified as unofficial. So sharpen your pencils and test your Monkee skill! Winners will be selected at random from those blanks containing all correct answers.

Davy Jones is

  1. A girl
  2. A real monkey
  3. A limey

Micky Dolenz’s hobby is

  1. photography
  2. teasing Davy
  3. sky diving

More than anyone, Mike Nesmith admires

  1. Lyndon Johnson
  2. John Lennon
  3. The other three Lennon sisters

The Monkees recently won

  1. A trip around Jackie Gleason
  2. Two Emmy Awards
  3. An Oscar

Peter Tork got his start in

  1. Greenwich Village
    2, The Metropolitan Opera
  2. The Grand Prix of Monaco

Davy Jones’ height is

  1. Five foot three
  2. Three foot five
  3. Microscopic

Micky was once the child star of

  1. The Apollo Space Program
  2. Circus Boy
  3. Alice in Wonderland

Mike’s wife is named

  1. Lady Bird
  2. Cass
  3. Phyllis

Pete’s favorite classical composer is

  1. Elvis

  2. Napoleon

  3. Bach

  4. When it comes to the army, Davy hopes to pull

  5. A Cassius Clay

  6. A Maude Frickert

  7. A George Hamilton

Enter as many times as you wish. Each entry must be accompanied with this entire page. Mail it now to HULLABALOO, Department M., 342 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10017.

Magazine: Hullabaloo
Editor: Gerald Rothberg
Volume: 2
Issue: 5
Publisher: YAM Publications, Inc.
Page: 60