A Day in the Life of Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz

Doing the unexpected is the joy of Micky’s life—and in a single day with him you share enough excitement to last a lifetime!

Of all the Monkees, Micky is the “latest sleeper”. It’s well after high noon when he yawns, stretches and opens his hazel eyes.

Don’t think for a sec that Micky is still asleep as he casually dumps corn flakes into a bowl and pours orange juice over them! That, me lettle-luvs, is Micky Dolenz’ favorite breakfast, and he is very proud of the fact that he invented it himself. However, if you don’t have a particular weakness for corn flakes and orange juice, Micky always has a bottle of milk in the fridge so that you can have yours the normal way.

A leisurely day in the life of Micky Dolenz would require a quiet companion (at first, that is), for in direct contrast to his effervescent, bubbly personality, there are times when Micky is very introspective and meditative. The first thing Micky would show you is his new workshop. Not only is he continuing to make marvelous things by wire sculpting, but he is now also working in wood.

“Wood is very alive—it’s very beautiful to touch,” Micky explains. “When you carve or build something out of wood—well, it may sound silly, but the wood seems to sort of come alive and help you. It’s as though you and the wood become one. And when you finish, you and the wood have shared a very rewarding experience.”

Mystical Micky would then perhaps show you the lovely little bridge he built across the stream that flows through the garden beside his new home in Laurel Canyon. Late in the afternoon, Micky’s mood slowly begins to change, and you find it fascinating to watch him as he becomes more and more lively. At some point he suddenly says, “Hey, I’m going to pull myself together and we’ll go for a ride. O.K.?”

Before you can nod in agreement, “curly-top” Micky has vanished. In what seems to be a matter of minutes he emerges, all combed, brushed and dressed, neatly but casually—ready to go out and see what “the rest of the world” is up to. When you walk outside, Micky bypasses his GTO and motorbike and opens the door of his enormous red, white and blue Volkswagon bus—and you step into it! It’s big and wobbly and it rattles, but it’s the delight of a lifetime—and you can’t help but share Micky’s mischievous joy as he smiles and waves to every passerby who stares at his “jalopy” in amazement.

That evening, you and Micky dine at the Imperial Gardens, his favorite Chinese restaurant; after which you rattle your way back up the hill in the VW.

But hang on—your sharing a day in the life of Micky Dolenz is not quite finished. Remember that motorbike? Well, it’s time to take a spin with Micky on that! It’s a powerful Bonneville 650 and you hop on the back of the big seat, pressing your feet hard on the foot rails and holding on to Micky for dear life. He takes you for a mad, mad, mad spin all through Laurel Canyon. You’re scared to death and thrilled breathless—at the same time! But that’s O.K. That’s the way it is with Micky Dolenz. Either you take him as he is, or you leave him. And—like who’s about to leave him?

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 6
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 12