Super Chart of Your Fav Guys

What do you want to know about the guys who matter most to you? Everything?

Good. Here’s our own Who’s Who of everybody that’s anybody in your life!

  • Micky Dolenz
  • Davy Jones
  • Peter Tork
Height ’n weightInstruments playedHobbiesPetsPet hatesFav foodsFav clothes
MICKY DOLENZ6', 135 lbs.Drums and guitarDrawing and photographyGerman ShepherdHair sprayClam chowderTuxedos and jeans
DAVY JONES5'4", 120 lbs.Guitar and tambourinePlaying golf and designing clothesNoneVery talkative girlsOranges, fish ’n chips, and crab meatVests
PAUL McCARTNEY5'11", 160 lbs.Bass guitar and pianoSketching, writing songs and go-kartingA DogShavingCheese slices and steakSmart suits and kooky-mod gear
HERMAN5'9", 136 lbs.Guitar and pianoMotorcyclingA turtlePeople without imaginationAfganistan steak and curryShirts that are three sizes too big
MARK LINDSAY6'2", 160 lbs.Guitar and saxophoneGirl-chasingNoneBarber shopsPieKnee-high boots
MICK JAGGER5'10", 145 lbs.HarmonicaWriting songs and tinkering with boatsA dog (Yorkshire terrier)Getting up in the morningSteak and orange juiceCasual and mod gear
SCOTT ENGEL6'2", 165 lbs.Bass guitar and drumsSong writing and artA Dog (Basset Hound)Bossy peopleGreek foodTurtle-neck sweaters
DAVID MCCALLUM5'8", 150 lbs.OboegadgetsNoneHaving his privacy invadedRoast beefNarrow-fitting black shoes
ZAL YANOVSKY5'11", 155 lbs.GuitarLearning languages and girl-chasingNonePossessive girlsMother’s Gefilte fishFur coats
PAPA DENNY5'11", 150 lbs.Trombone, guitar, bassSkindiving2 goldfish“Going very slowly forward”Gin and tonicDenim jeans and jackets and strange hats
PHIL VOLK (FANG)6'4", 170 lbs.Rhythm guitarSurfing and musicNoneClosed windowsSpaghettiWildly-printed shirts and scarves
KEITH5'11", 145 lbs.Guitar, harmonica and tambourineBuffalo hunting and archeryNoneJealousy and phony airsGrilled cheese sandwich and teaPrinted or striped hip-huggers ’n ties, and boots
DENNIS WILSON5'9", 145 lbs.DrumsConceitFishFishing, racing cars and boats, surfing, and hunting4 Dogs, 2 otters and 1 skunkJeans and denim jackets
MITCH RYDER5'10 ½", 135 lbs.Harmonica, drums and guitarCollecting records and artA talking dogSubwaysPork chopsShirts open to the waist
DONOVAN5'8", 138 lbs.Guitar, harmonica and kazooListening to jazz and livingHorses and dogsDoesn’t hate anythingOctopus and potatoesBlack cloaks and lace cuffs
PETER TORK5'10", 125 lbs.Bass, guitar, banjo, piano, organ, French horn and ukuleleReciting English poetry and musicA dogHaving people on The Monkee set to watch him rehearseEggsPaisley shirts
BRUCE JOHNSTON5'8", 149 lbs.Electric pianoSongwritingNonePeople who are lateHamburgersMonogrammed shirts
DAVE CLARK5'11 ½", 170 lbs.DrumsSwimming and horseback ridingA dog (Boxer)Sick jokesSteak, milk and saladBoots
MIKE SMITH6'2", 172 lbs.Organ, piano and vibesPhotography and boatingA Persian catFountain pensPopcorn and steakCustom-made suits
GRAHAM NASH5'11", 154 lbs.Rhythm guitarDriving and playing cards.NoneFlat tiresChickenHipster trousers

Magazine: Teen World
Editor: Elaine Moss
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Publisher: Reese Publishing Company, Inc.
Pages: 36–39