If You Lived Next Door to a Monkee, This Is What You’d Be Like

Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith

FLIP Asked The Monkees to Describe Their “Perfect Neighbor”

“If you lived next door to me,” MICKY DOLENZ said, “you’d be very quiet—never a sound. I can’t stand to have someone interrupt my noise! You would love to hear me screeching up to the house at all hours. I love to drive fast (as you’d probably notice by the pavement on our street). You would have a constant supply of the things I run out of: coffee, butter, orange juice. You would be tall and blonde or maybe short and red-headed… anyway, you’d be a girl! You would have every Motown album I don’t have so that my collection would be complete. You would like to cook and share your delicious goodies with your growing neighbor. And you would learn to be nice to the fans that come up to the house. They really are great and they would never really bother you.”.

“I think maybe I should play this safe,” DAVY JONES said, “and say that as long as you’re groovy, we’ll have a great time being neighbors.”

“You would be able to tell what kind of mood I was in,” PETER TORK said, “and would know whether or not I wanted company. I’d really like it if you could play guitar. But you know who I’d really love to live next door to? Mama Cass!”

“You wouldn’t know that I’m a Monkee,” MIKE NESMITH said, “and if you did, you wouldn’t care.”

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Page: 41