How Much Do You Know About Your Monkees?

If the Monkees don’t drive you ape, you have got to be a real strange banana. However, if this quiz about the Monkees doesn’t drive you ape, then you’ve obviously been hanging around with the right bunch. A bunch of luvable nuts named Davy, Peter, Mike and Micky. About whom you already have all the answers. Which is certainly going to come in handy. Because we seem to have all the questions.

  1. What is Davy Jones’ middle name? (a) Thomas (b) Richard (c) Terence.

  2. How many Neil Diamond compositions have the Monkees recorded? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3.

  3. Which singer inadvertently helped Mike Nesmith become a Monkee? (a) Randy Sparks (b) Barry McGuire (c) Chuck Berry.

  4. Micky Dolenz was once a member of a group called (a) The Circus, (b) The Missing Links (c) The Hollywood Argyles.

  5. Before Peter decided to become a musician, what career did he study for? (a) Corporation lawyer (b) English teacher (c) Accountant.

  6. Which Monkee attended the now-famous Beatle recording session in London this last February? (a) Davy Jones (b) Mike Nesmith (c) Micky Dolenz.

  7. After the TV debut of “The Monkees,” a several-million-dollar lawsuit was filed against the show. What was the charge? (a) Libel (b) Plagarism (c) Theft of idea.

  8. What subject did Micky study when he attended Los Angeles Trade Tech high school? (a) Architectural drawing (b) Drafting (c) Printing.

  9. Which Monkee was recently unable to visit his parents’ home because the place was surrounded by fans? (a) Peter Tork (b) Mike Nesmith (c) Davy Jones.

  10. When Micky Dolenz appeared for three years in the “Circus Boy” TV series, he went under the name of (a) Micky Doland, (b) George Dolenz, (c) Mickey Braddock.

  11. How tall was Davy Jones when he became an apprentice jockey at Newmarket Racetrack in London? (a) 4'7" (b) 4'11" (c) 5'1".

  12. Two of the Monkees go by their middle names. Mike’s first name is (a) David, (b) Anthony, (c) Robert.

  13. Micky’s first name is (a) George, (b) Robert, (c). William.

  14. Which two Monkees share the same birthday? (a) Micky and Mike (b) Davy and Mike (c) Peter and Micky

  15. On what date does this doubly happy Monkee birthday fall? (a) December 30 (b) February 13 (c) March 18.

  16. Peter Tork’s real last name is (a) Tarkington, (b) Torkelsen, (c) Thorkelson.

  17. Davy Jones had to take diction lessons when he was signed to appear in (a) “Oliver!,” (b) “Pickwick,” (c) “The Monkees.”

  18. How many young actors were tested for the four Monkee roles? (a) 50 (b) 250 (c) 500.

  19. Which Monkee is very interested in Renaissance music? (a) Mike Nesmith (b) Davy Jones (c) Peter Tork.

  20. Mike is the only married Monkee. What is his wife’s name? (a) Shirley (b) Phyllis (c) Carol.

1-a. 2-c (Neil wrote “I’m A Believer.” “Little Bit You, Little Bit Me” and the flip side of the latter). 3-a (Randy, who was a single artist in the late fifties and once had the number one record in the country, later joined forces with the New Christy Minstrels. Still later, he turned Ledbetters in Los Angeles into a folk club. This is where Mike Nesmith was working when he saw the ad in Variety—a Hollywood trade paper—which told about the Monkee auditions.) 4-b, 5-b, 6-b, 7-c (the lawsuit was filed by two writers who claim “The Monkees” was taken from an idea they submitted some time ago for a show about a pop group—the case has yet to come to court). 8-a, 9-c, 10-c, 11-a, 12-c, 13-a, 14-b, 15-a, 16-c, 17-a (Davy, who is from Manchester in the North of England, had to learn a Cockney accent for this role), 18-c, 19-a, 20-b.

Magazine: TeenSet
Editor: Judith Sims
Volume: 3
Issue: 7
Publisher: Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Pages: 42–43