[…] (Missing text) kid, Arthur Jameson, think he is? He has the gall to say our beloved Herman is repulsive and phoney. This kid doesn’t know what a great guy Herman really is. If he would go to one of his shows he would see what I mean. So who is he to criticize him? I, myself, think Arthur belongs in the “Loony Bins.” I bought HULLABALOO just to read about Herman and I am sure many other people did the same. As for the Raiders, they are great. Keep up the good work!

Kathy Pacyga
Harvey, Ill.

Dear Editor:

[…]e letter from Arthur Jameson[…]ay, HULLABALOO) I […] agree with you 100% Arthur[…] Paul Revere and the Raiders “aren’t very musical and kind of sound plastic and prefabricated” but, I happen to have been fortunate enough to see them twice last fall and, I assure you, Arthur, you’ll never find a more “musical” group. A group out to please their fans, not only to make money. If that was their only purpose, they could have quit long ago because they have enough to last the rest of their lives.

And I’m afraid I shall not be able to forgive you, Arthur, for calling Peter Noone “repulsive and phoney.” That is about the most UNTRUTHFUL tale I have ever heard! Positively opinion, not fact! What’s the matter with you anyway? You jealous? Herman and the Hermits have made many, many sacrifices of their own privacy, happiness, and health for the many people who love them, only to be called a phoney by some people. (Not mentioning any names, of course. )

I’m not saying you have to like Pete, I mean EVERYONE can’t. Anyway, this is no dictatorship. But, if you don’t absolutely FLIP for him when you see him up on stage, singing “Listen People,” then please don’t go bothering us or (Pete, Keith, Barry, Karl and Lek) with your problems. They have psychiatrists for that kind of thing!

Dona N. Galloway
Asheville, N.C.

Dear Editor:

I enjoy your magazine very much. It seems to me that it is the TEEN SET of the East Coast. We in Southern California tend to have a very provincial viewpoint that NOTHING very important ever happens outside Hollywood (well maybe San Francisco). I’m glad your magazine is bringing the point home that there IS a New York (thank God). The more HULLABALOO sticks to its current format, the closer it resembles RAVE and the less it goes for the crass commercial market, the longer I will read it and enjoy it’s [sic] quite excellent journalistic style.

Sincere best wishes for continued success from one vitally interested in the popular music business today.

Penny E. Nugent
Plastic Perimeter of Pazazz
Long Beach, California

Dear Editor:

I buy your magazine regularly and I have seen the cute buttons you have planted in your articles in the March issue. I am a button nut. Please! Please! Give me the address of where to send to get these buttons and how much they cost.

Marc Zogby
New Hartford, N.Y.

Dear Marc:

The buttons we featured in our March issue were from Mark Sloan’s “Big Store” at 112 Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village, New York. (SP 7–7676) The average price is 250 per.—Ed.

Dear Editor:

Whoever wrote the review of “Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful” in your May issue obviously does not know what he’s talking about! Whaddya mean it’s a disappointment? Anybody who has ever listened to “Coconut Grove” or “Full Measure” will recognize the genius which went into these beautiful songs. And “Lovin’ You” and “Rain on the Roof” are almost classics of their time. And on what can anybody base a remark like “they have yet to come up with a great album”? “Daydream” and “Magic” are two of the best albums ever recorded by any group. Dynamite!

Eve Brandei and Leigh Ablondi
New York, N.Y.

Dear Editor:

You have a groovy magazine except for one thing. You don’t have nearly enough on the cutest, handsomest, cleverest, sweetest, nicest group in the world—Herman’s Hermits! So shape up.

Oh, yes, stop having junk on those Beatles! Ugh! They are the ugliest things I have ever seen. I never liked them and I never will!

Karen K.
Temple, Pa.

Dear Karen:

Be sure to get our last issue, June, of HULLABALOO. You will find Herman on the cover, in color and on 13 pages inside.—Ed.

Dear Editor:

I just want to tell you that I really like your magazine. You treat teens like people. Please print more, more, more on the fabulous Monkees. They have tremendous talent and deserve all their fame. I loved your article in the March issue on them. It showed them as human beings, not pop stars. That’s important. Thanks for caring for us.

Wendie Carroll
Ottawa, Ont., Canada

Dear Wendie.


Dear Editor:

Thanks a million plus times for the full page color pin-up of one James Paul McCartney in your March issue. It’s so beautiful, I bought three issues and cried as well!

Sue Wilson
Sunnyvale, Calif.

Dear Editor:

How can a magazine keep face after devoting a whole issue to New York, and completely miss mentioning (much less raving about) Lothar and the Hand People? It’s disgraceful and inhumane.

A definitive issue on New York and its new groups (and, of course, the tried and true winners) could not possibly be complete without some mention of the overwhelming musical talents of The Hand People. You at HULLABALOO seem to have accomplished and conquered the impossible.

Deborah Arnhold
Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Deborah:

The reason HULLABALOO did not feature Lothar and the Hand People in the New York line-up is because they are not from New York! They hail from Denver, Colorado, and just happened to be working in New York for a while.—Ed.

Magazine: Hullabaloo
Editor: Gerald Rothberg
Volume: 2
Issue: 4
Publisher: YAM Publications, Inc.
Pages: 6, 12, 58