Monkees in London

Monkees being like everyone else, the first chance they got, they came to London to see what they could see.

The first Monkee to arrive was Micky Dolenz, who got here on Monday, Feb. 6. When he arrived, he had just one thing he really wanted to do—see the Spencer Davis Group. Micky got his wish on Tuesday when he went to the Marquee Club and sat engrossed behind the stage curtain. He became very friendly with the group and they gave him a copy of their third LP, “Autumn ’66,” which he kept constantly on the record player in his suite at the Grosvenor House Hotel.

While he was in London, Micky made it to several other clubs—the Scotch of St. James, Blaises, the Cromwellian and the Bag O’ Nails. He also did quite a bit of shopping on Carnaby Street, where he bought, among other things, a gorgeous cream-coloured sweater and brown suit.

Micky observed some differences between American and British fans. “In the States, if I go somewhere, they’ll be rushing at me all the time, in bunches. Here, they won’t pay any attention at all, but if they do get excited then they all come at you at once.”

Wednesday, Micky spent the evening with Paul McCartney at his house in St. John’s Wood. “Paul was very nice,” Micky said later, “very courteous and a good host.” Did the Monkee and the Beatle get on well together? “I guess so,” Micky said. “Anyway, he didn’t throw me out of the house.”

Thursday, Micky had lunch with the Spencer Davis Group and appeared with Mike Nesmith on Top of the Pops television that night. Friday, he and Mike went to a recording session with John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Mike arrived with his wife and son the day after Micky. He spent much of his time relaxing in the hotel, but he did some shopping in London, too. He bought a car—a Mini. He too became friendly with the Spencer Davis Group and Mike and Spence and their wives had dinner together. On Saturday, the Nesmiths drove out to a cottage 60 miles from London where they spent the weekend before flying off.

Davy Jones arrived at London airport on his way to Manchester on Feb. 13 and was promptly mobbed by 800 fans. Such Monkee business!!

Magazine: TeenSet
Editor: Judith Sims
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Page: 58