Hollywood Underground

Peter Yarrow, Peter Tork
Two Peters (Tork and Yarrow) at Buffalo Springfield Party.

Even though the strip scene has been relatively quiet (despite newspaper misrepresentation of our peaceful demonstrations as “riots”), a Hollywood Happening in the grand old sense of the word managed to come off rather successfully (rather!) this month.

CHARLIE GREEN and BRIAN STONE (Dynamic Duo, as Karalynne calls them) invited all the grooviest people in town (us included… well, we were invited, anyway) to a party for their newest and most promising discoveries, the BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD. Celebrities and friends (all double as fans where the BUFFALO are concerned) included: PETER TORK, MARVIN GAYE, PETER YARROW (P, P & M), JIM VALLEY, DENNY DOHERTY, BOB LIND, UFO, DILLARDS, DOORS, POOR, PRODUCER PAUL ROTH. CHILD, JEFFREY STEPHENS and DEREK TAYLOR

PETER spent most of the time sitting on the floor chatting with a cute blond (STEVIE STILLS), but I managed to at least get close to him. While receiving a salutary hug from one of the UFO, PETER was showered with floral petals held in DYANE’S hand. I ran up and plucked the petals off his back… a treasure if ever…

MARVIN GAYE just had time to congratulate the BUFFALO on their first national hit, before leaving to rehearse for his opening at Ciro’s on the strip (such as it is) (the strip, that is) (Marvin was great, as usual)…

BOB LIND was out on the balcony running after butterflies, JIM MORRISON of the DOORS was deep in conversation with TeenSet’s editor, BARRY McGUIRE was enjoying the music (I hope), JIM VALLEY mingled, whispering “I love you” wherever he went, DENNY DOHERTY kept humming something about McGUINN AND McGUIRE, DOUG DILLARD and DEWEY MARTIN made off with the remains of the booze and DEREK TAYLOR delighted KARALYNNE and me with tales of BEATLES

Most of those present at the party managed to find their weaving way to the all-star concert at the Valley Music Theater. Sponsored by CAFF (Community Action for Fact and Freedom), an organization designed to close the generation gap on the Sunset Strip, the concert was an event worthy of pages of praise. Opening the show were the DOORS, who were met by a somewhat frightened audience. When JIM MORRISON lets loose with one of his animal-like screeches, the audience is never sure if they should rush to his aid or applaud…

HUGH MASEKELA followed, with foot-stomping jazz renditions of “Along Comes Mary” and several African tunes. HUGH and BIG BLACK (his conga drummer) returned to the stage during the BYRDS’ set to join in on “So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star.”

The only redeeming quality of the BYRDS’ set was the fact that they looked almost as shocked as the audience at their lack of group togetherness. (In other words, would a rehearsal have been out of order?) Nevertheless, it was great to hear the McGUINN guitar, the CROSBY tenor, the CLARKE drum rolls… and to see CHRIS HILLMAN (To do just that, turn to our second-annual-BYRDS-centerspread. Changes seem to be the order of the day…)

After intermission, mc REB FOSTER (LA disc jockey and member of CAFF) let slip that PETER TORK was in the dressing room. For awhile, it looked as if Peter wouldn’t be able to see his favorite group, the BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, but with the help of a few friends, he managed to stand safely in the shadows, disguised in a huge coat and sun glasses, with his hair pulled up under a hat. (Hey! I was standing next to Peter Tork!!)

If opening acts are used as audience warm-ups, the DOORS, HUGH MASEKELA and the BYRDS had this audience really steaming. The second half of the show opened to the tune of “For What It’s Worth,” a hometown favorite penned by STEVE STILLS during the Sunset Strip crisis. (Just when I finally decide that George is my favorite BEATLE—after much heartrending and Ouija board consultation—along comes the BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD…)

At the end of the BUFFALO’S well-received set, the darkened house hummed with anticipation as three phantom-like figures made their way to the circular stage. To the delight of the sell-out crowd, PETER, PAUL and MARY included a timely tune (timeless, better said), “The Times They Are a Changin’” prefacing it with a reminder that the flower children are not the first, nor will they be the last, to have to fight for the right to be individuals.

Just as the audience was left stunned at the close of their act, so are we without words to express our appreciation for their concern.

In the KIND-OF-A-DRAG DEPT. The DOORS reopened a Strip spot, Gazzarri’s, which has the unfortunate distinction of being runner-up to the Hullabaloo for pure, unadulterated boredom… DOORS were good, tho…

In the YOU-GOT-TO-ME DEPT, YOUNGBLOODS, RASCALS and KEITH are welcome in our town any time…

IS-MY-WORLD-NOT-FALLING-DOWN DEPT. DAVID HEMMINGS (he is my kind of blond bombshell!) is in town to film “Camelot,” but the set is closed, his whereabouts are top secret and my Ouija board refuses to get involved…

MAN-OF-THE-MONTH is MIKE BROWN of the LEFT BANKE, or should I say formerly with the Left Banke? Mike has left the group so that he can stay home and produce more good sounds for them… another Brian Wilson in the making…


In the ON-THE-ROAD-AGAIN DEPT. The BYRDS ran home from the CAFF concert to finish packing for their visit to Europe and London.

The SPOONFUL aren’t too popular in San Francisco, we hear; some nasty rumors going around about what happened up there…

And there was a real, live, unadulterated press conference this last month—the first in a long, long time—for EVERY MOTHER’S SON, a new group. It was a fun-type function, and Every Mother’s Son is cute—(are cute?)

MONKEE PETER TORK growing a beard, also MIKE NESMITH (at least I think it was Mike in the black Riviera sedan that outraced me…)

HERMAN’S HERMITS in town, but where?

In the TIME-MAGAZINE-STRIKES-AGAIN DEPT., we’ve been told that the RAINY DAZE record of “Acapulco Gold” is about marijuana. Gracious! Can it be true?

Check with us next month and we’ll let you know!

The NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND is a very nice dirt band. They sing very nice songs, like “Buy For Me The Rain.” Buy for them a record…

Magazine: TeenSet
Editor: Judith Sims
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Pages: 18–19